Coles Mountain Fun Run

5K mountain fun run

It’s tempting to sleep in on holidays, but running a 5K is a much better idea. You will feel good about yourself all day as you sit and watch the parade and the fireworks later.

For the past two years my family and I have  spent the 4th in Park City, Utah. While I’m here I like to stay as active as I can so I signed up to do the Coles Mountain Fun Run.

Coles Mountain Fun Run

A lot of other people had the same idea, the start was packed.

This is a road race, not a trail run so it’s a bit easier. The hills weren’t too bad even for this sea level living Texan.

I did take it easy since I have not been running since I tore my meniscus. Ouch. Still it was fun to be out there racing again.

It’s best to sign up at Coles before the event so you don’t have to wake up as early. If you do wait until the day of the race the line isn’t too bad.

Coles Mountain Fun Run

Parking is available at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, a beautiful backdrop for a race.

I got there really early so I was able to park at Coles. I was very happy to see Park City Roasters there because I really wanted a cup of coffee before the race. I  enjoy doing this race every time I visit for the summer. It sets the tone for my whole day which let’s face it involves lots of beer while I watch the fireworks. This helps me at least get some good exercise in beforehand.

Happy 4th!