A day in Austin and a memorial service

This past Monday I attended a memorial service for a colleague of mine who lost his battle with cancer last Thursday. He was a talented gilder, artist and a mentor to many. He will be missed. It was a sad occasion but the service was a beautiful celebration of his life filled with music and poignant poetry readings. The pastor said that Don had two requests for his memorial service. He didn’t want anyone to be bored and he wanted a lot of music. I’d say he got what he wanted. It was nice to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and take the day off to reflect on life. I also had the chance to catch up with another dear friend over lunch and go to my favorite Whole Foods on N. Lamar.

If you are ever anywhere near Austin you must go to this Whole Foods. It’s the original one and it’s the best one. They have an amazing living foods bar, a huge juice bar and much more. I got some things our Whole Foods doesn’t carry, things that I’ve been really wanting to buy. Check out my goodies.

Yes, I have a thing for kelp and seaweed in general. I’ve been wanting to get these kelp granules for a while now, I don’t like to order food online so I was glad to find them at the store. They are going to be great in salad dressings and raw soups. I also got a really yummy green juice at the juice bar. But my favorite purchase was this tiffin.

I’ll be using this for my son’s lunch and for my salads sometimes. Thank you Amanda, for this great idea. I’ve been having a hard time fitting my hungry son’s lunch in his laptop lunch, so this will be great to use for additional snacks.  After my shopping spree I met my friend, Dan for lunch.

I’ve been wanting to eat at Casa de Luz for a long time and finally had the opportunity on Monday. It’s a vegan, macrobiotic organic restaurant. We don’t have anything like this in San Antonio, so I was anxious to try it. My friend, who is an omnivore was a good sport about joining me. The menu is set so everyone eats the same food. When you walk in you grab a tray, serve yourself soup, salad and tea and wait for them to bring you your entree. It was an interesting dining experience. The atmosphere is pleasant yet a bit stark and cold. The food however was warm and inviting.


I loved the flavors in the soup and salad, it was the perfect start to lunch.

Vegan lunch

The lunch was really delicious. I especially loved the quinoa, it was packed with flavor and crunch. Of course I was happy to see a huge pile of sweet potatoes. My friend liked the lunch, but worried if there was enough protein. It’s a question vegans get asked all the time. I assured him the quinoa, beans and greens had enough protein to sustain us. I’m not sure if he was satisfied with my response, but we will leave that for another day.

Kukicha tea

Throughout the lunch I sipped on this really delicious tea called Kukicha, or twig tea. It’s made mainly of the twigs and stems of the tea tree and is quite delicious as well as low in caffeine. I gave up coffee and caffeine in general over a year ago so I was worried this tea would make me jittery, but it didn’t. I bought some to take home with me. The lunch was really good and not too filling, there is nothing worse than feeling too full after a meal. I liked the food at Casa de Luz, I’m sure I’ll back again soon.

I’d say the day was a success in many ways. The memorial service was sad, but beautiful at the same time. Death isn’t a pleasant thing to think about, but it a part of life that we must all face at some point. It’s easier to face with our friends and family by our side.