vegan basil pesto

Basil pesto and a lazy dinner

vegan basil pesto

When my husband works late I like to embrace my lazy side and put together a quick dinner that is mainly raw vegetables and a soup. Last week was made up of may nights like this. I was craving pesto so I made a quick batch to dip my vegetables in and enjoyed a light dinner with my son.


I love the smell of fresh basil, it’s still very warm in San Antonio despite the fact that it’s fall. That means there’s plenty of basil around. I don’t add cheese to my pesto and if you’ve never made it without cheese do yourself a favor and try it. Omitting the cheese lets the basil shine and makes the pesto taste cleaner, more like summer. Also I prefer my pesto less oily, so feel free to add more oil if that’s your preference.

Vegan Basil Pesto

2 big bunches of fresh basil (about 2 1/2  cups of basil leaves)

1/3 cup pine nuts

1 garlic clove minced

1/4 cup or more olive oil

salt to taste

Remove the basil leaves from the stem and place in the food processor. Add the pine nuts and garlic. Turn the machine on and slowly drizzle the oil in a steady stream. Stop and scrape down the sides as needed.

olive oil

Be sure to use a really good olive oil, it makes a big difference in the flavor of the end product.

LettuceI served the pesto with a huge pile of heirloom lettuce leaves and other vegetables. The pesto was the glue that held my dinner together. Without it there would not have been much flavor especially since I didn’t dress my lettuce. Also I ate about three times the amount of lettuce pictured, I just kept refilling my pate. Don’t want you to get the wrong idea that I eat small portions.

lettuce with pesto

I dipped the lettuce leaves in the pesto

bread with pesto

Loaded it on a toasted flax bread.


I also served a side of edamame

snap peas

Some snap peas and cherry tomatoes (not pictured)

My son didn’t go near the pesto, but he ate the other vegetables and we each had a giant bowl of miso soup with seaweed as well. We both had pretty big lunches so eating a light dinner was a nice change. I love eating dinners like this, they are so fresh, light and satisfying.

Next month in honor of vegan MoFo I’m going to eat vegan for the month of October. I’ve already cut out the meat and dairy from my diet a long time ago, but I’ll be cutting out eggs and fish as well. Don’t know if I’ll continue eating vegan past October, but I know it will be fun to do it for a month. I invite you to join me. You can make a commitment to eat one vegan meal a day or as many as you are comfortable with. You can do it, it’s only a month!

Vegan MoFo

For those of you not familiar with Vegan MoFo or Vegan month of food, that’s what the MoFo means. It is a time when vegan bloggers write as much as they can about vegan food. Visit this site for more information. All the blogs that are participating will be added to an RSS feed that you can subscribe to. This is a great time to discover a new blog and to learn about eating a plant based diet. I have discovered new recipes, interesting products and learned some great tips from last years Vegan MoFo. Plus it’s fun to say MoFo.

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