Bearded Brothers energy bsars

Bearded Brothers Energy Bars Review

I Recently had the opportunity to sample some raw energy bars from the Bearded Brothers, formally known as Adventure Naturals. I was really excited about trying these bars because they are 100% organic, mostly raw and made in Austin Texas. I love to buy local as much as I can so I was really hoping these bars were going to be delicious, and they were.

Bearded Brothers energy bsars

I sampled the vanilla blueberry and the mango coconut. These bars have very few ingredients, in fact it’s easy to guess what ingredients they contain with just a few bites. They are all natural and use dates as their main ingredient for sweetening and to hold the bars together. They are great to take along on a hike, a long run or to keep in your bag as an emergency snack.

Vanilla blueberry
The mango coconut was really good as well. it wasn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of coconut. While I was sampling these bars I asked my husband if he wanted to try a small piece. He reluctantly agreed because he thought the bars were going to be dry. He was pleasantly surprised by how moist and balanced in flavors they were. His favorite was the mango coconut.

f you are interested in trying these bars for yourself head over to their website and order some. These bars are also a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding refined sugar to your diet.

  • Cheryl Titcher

    They look great! I just ordered the variety pack. I can’t wait to try them.

    • You are going to love them Cheryl.

  • nancy

    yum!!! they look delicious : )

    • They are very delicious Nancy.

  • Caleb (Bearded Bro)

    Just FYI, we are now in full production. You can order our bars online at also follow us on twitter @beardedbros I also just wanted to point out the bars pictured above were from test batches made in our homes. We are now producing out of a commercial kitchen and have a mold for our bars, so they look way better than they do here!

    Thanks again for the great review.

    • Thanks for the update.

  • I agree, these are tasty! And they’re definitely local for you! Awesome.

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