Beginnings and endings

garage roofHello friends, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. Our garage remodel is progressing and will hopefully be done before the holidays. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about beginnings and endings as I prepare to leave my studio space. Sometimes we need to completely end a chapter of our lives before we are ready to begin a new one. It can be scary letting go, we can feel lost in the process. Sometimes it’s hard to let go and walk away from something we know isn’t right for us anymore even though we know we need to. Sometimes the right path is staring us right in the face but we can’t see it because we don’t want to because we are not ready yet. It takes courage to start over and move on. I find it helps to not over think things and rely more on my intuition, or gut feeling. It helps to have the support of those you love in process. Without my husbands support these decisions would be even more difficult for me to make.

This brings to mind another ending. Yesterday Earth Mother announced she was no longer blogging. I love her blog In the raw, it’s very well written and insightful. I’ll miss reading it. Make sure you head over there if you have not yet read it. Because of a series of events in her life she has decided to stop writing. She suffered two great losses and got some bad news from a friend. I hope that whatever she decides to do that she takes good care of herself in the process.

Whenever I hear of a loss or suffer one myself, I’m reminded how fragile our lives are. It’s important to let the people we love know that we love them as often as we can. No one knows how long they will live. We can even “lose” someone who is close to us because of an argument or a misunderstanding. We can find ourselves in a situation where someone is too stubborn to apologize and loses a close friend because of it. Someone can lose a place in our heart because they say something so hurtful to us that even after they apologize it’s hard to forgive them. It’s hard to let go of what they said to us. It’s in our hands how we make the people in our lives feel when they are around us. We can be loving and kind or mean and hurtful. We make that choice everyday with every word we say or don’t say.

Suffering a loss or ending a difficult chapter is something we will all face. With the support of our loved ones these difficult times can be easier to face.

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