Frozen Berries and lemonade

Berry Lemonade

This is hardly a recipe, but it was fun to make. I was pouring lemonade for my son and added a few frozen berries to make it more interesting and it turned this lovely shade.

Lemonade with frozen berries

On Sunday night we always have a big family dinner and most of the time the adults are drinking champagne or wine. I always pour lemonade into a champagne glass for my son so that we can all do a toast together. Adding frozen berries will make it even more fun and special.


I just used this regular store bough lemonade, it would taste even better if you made your own.

Frozen Berries and lemonade

The frozen berries change the color as you pour it.

Lemonade and berries

It was so fun to make these that my son and I got a carried away and made too many.

Berry lemonade ice pops

We froze the extras and made ice pops.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today because I have a huge pile of dishes to wash. My son and I decided to have snacks by the pool and we got a little carried away.