Camping in Pittsfield

Last week I took my son camping in Pittsfield Massachusetts. We met my brother, his beautiful wife and their kids as well as some of my brother’s friends. It was so much fun to watch my son play with his cousins in nature. We went camping for the first time last year, also with my brother and his posse, they are camping experts and I am not. It’s nice to camp with people who know what they are doing. These trips have now become part of our summer repertoire and I look forward to them.

I love nature but camping still scares me a bit. I am still on the fence about how I feel sleeping outside in the middle of the woods. Nature is loud, especially owls. I’ve always thought owls were really cute, they were my favorite thing to draw when I was a kid. Hearing them as I slept in a tent scared me though. Every night I just waited for the sun to come up; I felt much safer in the daylight.

Of course I didn’t act scared around my son who was a bit scared himself, I had to stay strong. I was his rock, except for when I had to go to the bathroom in the dark. That is when I called in my rock, my brother, to walk me to the bathrooms. I am sure in time sleeping in a tent will feel more natural to me but until then I will be slightly scared at night.

The thing I love most about camping is sitting around the fire and just talking. I also love watching my son find sticks, rocks, lizards and other slimy stuff he makes me touch. He loves watching me squirm and thinks it’s funny that I won’t touch anything slimy because the bathroom is too far away and I’ll have to wash my hands immediately afterward.

When we camp we like to spend part of the day off the campsite and go exploring. The nice thing about Pittsfield is that there is plenty to do in the area, we chose to explore Hancock Shaker Village.

The children had so much fun getting up close and personal with the animals.

They got to feed the pigs

And the birds

We got to pet this guy, what a beautiful turkey. I touched his waddle, it felt kind of leathery.

indoor bee hive

This indoor beehive was the coolest thing ever. It was mesmerizing watching the bees.


The bees had a way to go outside when ever they wanted to.

 After we finished exploring we went back to the campsite and settled in for the evening.

My son loved cooking over an open fire. He made hot dogs and of course roasted marshmallows

I actually ate a hot dog and one bratwurst. It looked good to me, which it usually doesn’t, so I tried it. The taste however was not that good, I think I’ll stick to eating plants. (Yes, I do realize this is a big deal for me)

The next morning we packed up and headed home. For my son and I home was Bronxville, at least it was for the next few days. We stopped in Millerton, NY for lunch to break up our drive a bit. It was nice to get in a few bonus hours with my family before going home.

The thing I love most about our camping trips is stopping by these small towns along the way. I have lived in New York and New Jersey most of my life and I have never heard of Millerton until this trip.

We stopped by Harney and Son’s Tea a must for any tea lover. It was nice to let the kids run around for a bit on the grass while we had a picnic lunch. If you are ever in the area do yourself a favor and stop by Irving Farm for lunch or any meal for that matter. It is always crowded, but that is because it is so good.

veggie burger

This is no doubt the BEST veggie burger I have ever had. It was so moist and loaded with beans and vegetables. So delicious. I also got the lentil vegetable soup which was really fresh and not too salty. You can always tell when a restaurant is serving you homemade soup by the amount of salt it contains. Pre-made soups always have too much salt for me.

Back to the meat I tried before. It is kind of a long story why I tired it again after so many years in the first place, one I will save for another time. I will say that I did not enjoy eating it the same way I enjoy eating a plant based meal. I didn’t really care for the texture or the way it felt in my mouth. I enjoyed my veggie burger much more and I found myself raving about it with every bite. I did not do that with the meat.

After lunch we walked around a bit then headed back. My son and I had a fantastic time on this trip and look forward to exploring a new campsite next year.