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Friends it’s that time again, time for me to a break from blogging.   I’ll see you again when I’m refreshed and revitalized. In the mean time enjoy this beautiful picture of the Rail Trail in Park City ,Utah.

Taking time to be quiet

Relaxing by the water

For the past three Saturdays my son has been taking a robotics class at a local community college. The school is pretty far from my house so going home after I drop him off is not an option. At first I was really annoyed by this, but it has turned out to be a blessing….

Longing for home

One World Trade Center

I went to bed last night thinking about how much I miss bridges. I grew up in New Jersey and New York where there are many long spanning bridges; we have none in San Antonio. It’s one of the things I miss most about not living on the East Coast anymore. For some reason last…

Volunteering is good for the soul

There are certain “non negotiables” in my schedule. For example I need to workout in the mornings and go to yoga, if I skip a few days I’m not very pleasant. I like having certain fixed points in my schedule, it helps me plan my day and set boundaries. I’ve recently added another fixed point…

I’m Convinced

I’m totally copying my Instagram friend Kalli, who got this idea from Kelly. I enjoyed reading the things they were convinced of so much, I had to make my own list. I’m convinced that: my current dog Lisa loves labs and hates cats because my previous dog Zeke was a lab who hated cats. every…

It’s not easy living with a bunch of omnivores

Yesterday when my son came home from school he couldn’t wait to tell me all about this boys club he started with some of his friends from school. I’m very familiar with these. He loves to create clubs that are just for boys and by the end of the day he always asks me if…

I’m not a vegan

Yes, I know it’s World Go Vegan Week and I should be touting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and there are many. For today I want to talk about why I’m not ready to call myself a vegan yet. This past summer I decided to give up eating fish, at that point the only…

Beginnings and endings

garage roof

Hello friends, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. Our garage remodel is progressing and will hopefully be done before the holidays. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about beginnings and endings as I prepare to leave my studio space. Sometimes we need to completely end a chapter of our lives before we are ready…

A Garage remodel and the B&B

Lisa on the porch

Glad to see you go old horrible garage! We have been planning this project for years and finally it’s happening. We demolished an old structure that was about to collapse and are putting up a new one that will actually be functional. I’m happy it’s progressing, but at the same time it has been stressful….


chair pose

Photo by myyogaonline Two days  ago I had no motivation, and I couldn’t figure out why. In a casual conversation with my husband I realized that it had been weeks since I last exercised. The cold weather had caused me to skip my morning walks that I once loved. My winter hibernation needed to come…