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Goodies from the garden


Behold the bounty from my son’s garden. We have so much fresh produce that it’s almost difficult to eat it all. I never thought I’d be saying that, but it’s true. Let me break it down for you. We harvested potatoes today for the first time, which was very exciting. We have never grown potatoes…

Saturday gardening: weeks 8-10


My son’s garden continues to flourish, every week I’m amazed at how much it grows. Remember how it started out? That week the broccoli plants were big and healthy. The potatoes were flowering, the garden was looking good. Everything except for the carrots, that is. The irrigation system wasn’t watering the carrots enough so they…

Saturday morning gardening

Green onions

Every Saturday morning since mid February my son and I have been participating in the Junior Gardening Program at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. This wonderful program gives children the opportunity to plant their own vegetable garden under the supervision of Master Gardeners who donate their time. Each child gets a 4’x 28’ plot to…