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Finding Waldo in Bronxville

Where's Waldo

While my son and I were in Bronxville earlier this week we looked for Waldo along with hundreds of other children. A local bookstore called Womrath Books sponsored the contest in Bronxville NY and twenty local businesses participated in hiding Waldo in their shops for the kids to find. Once Waldo is found the kids…

Eating (mostly) raw at Legoland

Start Wars Sand Crawler

My son is obsessed with Legos and has an extensive collection so naturally visiting Legoland is a top priority at my house. We have been there four times and each year it gets more and more exciting for us. I am not a theme park lover especially large ones like Disneyland; they seem so noisy…

Lazy summer days and a camping trip


I love summertime, it means spending more time with my family and moving at a slower pace. Let’s face it we could all benefit from moving a bit slower. Most of us are so busy multitasking and trying to get a million things done that by the end of the day we are left feeling…

Lego Star Wars Miniland

Kashyyyk Star Wars Miniland

I just got back from a fantastic trip to Legoland, we finally got to see Star Wars Miniland. My family and I have been wanting to go since my son read about it in his Lego magazine. The thought of seeing a large scale Lego model of the Millennium Falcon and the clone turbo tank…

Wordless Wednesday

A trip to Eataly


Last week while I was in NY visiting family I had the opportunity to go to Eataly.   I was really anxious to check it out, and it didn’t disappoint. The produce was a feast for the eyes. Just look at these beautiful mushrooms. All the produce was picture perfect. While we were there Lidia Bastianich…

Eating healthy while traveling

bars and manna bread

Last week I was in NYC visiting with family and meeting my beautiful niece for the first time. It was so nice to catch up with all my siblings and watch 5 out of the 7 cousins play together. It was heaven. When I travel I don’t even have to think about staying raw anymore…

Happy New Year and Christmas recap

Happy New Year friends, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We went skiing in Utah for Christmas and it was perfect. It went much better then the last time I went skiing, which was also my first time skiing. This time I was a lot more relaxed so I was able to enjoy myself more….

Staying raw in Tampa

I’m in Tampa this week visiting my father, as I do every year at this time. I was thinking back to last year, I had been raw for about a month and I was a little nervous about flying. I was worried that I would face an unexpected delay and get really hungry and I…

Staying raw at the Canadian Grand Prix

Grand Prix du Canada

I was in Montreal this past weekend with some friends for the Canadian Grand Prix. I loved watching the F1 race, but let’s face it raw food is hard to come by at most sporting events. It was a three day event so on the first day I took a few apples, a banana, raisins…