Celebrating a Birthday on Coronado Island

I have been eating some delicious food lately. I just returned from a family vacation on Coronado Island, California. It is one of our favorite vacation spots because we can spend time at the beach and it’s a short drive from Legoland. Our primary reason for going was to celebrate my husbands birthday and go to Legoland. This is our third trip to Coronado Island so we have eaten at many different restaurants over the years. Normally when we it’s dinnertime we walk along Orange Ave until we find a restaurant that we can agree on. It’s fun exploring that way, but it’s not a good plan when you are traveling with a young child. Inevitably my son would get cranky and refuse to eat at what ever restaurant my husband and I chose. Not a fun way to start the evening. This year I decided to choose all of the restaurants ahead of time and ask the hotel concierge to make our reservations. I planned two birthday dinners for my husband one at Peohe’s in Ferry Landing and the other at Leroy’s in town. I chose restaurants that I thought he would like and then worried about what I would eat later. After all it was his birthday. Here is what our view looked like at Peohe’s.

Ferry Landing Coronado Island

Ferry Landing

It was so nice to eat outside and enjoy this beautiful view and the cool ocean breeze. Stephanie from our hotel made our dinner extra special that night. She assured me I would be able to find some dairy free vegetarian food on the menu, she was right.

Peohe's Coronado Island

We felt special as soon as we sat down, love the personalized menu.

My husband and son had no trouble ordering off the menu, there was plenty for them to chose from, I was worried until I saw the seared tofu steak.

Peohe's menu

I am normally not a big tofu eater, I prefer tempeh or beans as my main source of protein. I ordered it and hoped for the best.

Tofu at Peohe's

It turned out to be way better than I though it would be. I enjoyed it very much. I also appreciated the chef coming out to check on us to make sure everything was perfect. My dinner was delicious. The tofu was firm but not too dry.


It was the perfect family dinner. My son and husband played Ninjago and I just took it all in. We were relaxed, happy and well fed. What more could you want in life. We ended the meal with a chocolate lava cake courtesy of the lovely Stephanie. I must admit I was so relaxed and in the moment that I forgot to take a picture. My husband enjoyed his cake very much though. On to the next birthday dinner at Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge.

Leroy’s is a farm to table restaurant that specializes in local craft beers. Their motto is ‘fresh. local. sustainable’. I like that a lot. They change their menu frequently which is another huge plus. Next time we visit I want to have brunch and lunch there. The atmosphere was very different from Peohe’s. It felt more like a bar, but not so much like a bar that you didn’t feel comfortable taking your kids there. If I lived on Coronado Island I would go there with my friends a lot for sure. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. That is something that is very important when dining out, especially when you have dietary restrictions. My husband was in heaven when he ordered the deviled eggs as a starter. My son and I shared a homemade pretzel.

Pretzel at Leroy's Coronado Island

The outside was slightly crispy and the mustard was tangy.

And when I say we shared a pretzel I mean he gave me a small piece and then took the plate to his side of the table and I never saw it again. Oh well he’s a growing boy.

Menu at Leroy's

I was over the whole pretzel incident when I saw the quinoa fried rice on the menu.

The menu at Leroy’s is very eclectic and reflects what is in season. I was excited to try the quinoa fried rice, but I was worried it would have too much tofu in it. I was happy when I saw my plate.

quinoa fried rice

I was really happy that the tofu was only a small part of the dish. It may look like a small portion in this picture but assure you it was not. The vegetables were crisp and flavorful, I enjoyed this meal so much. I don’t think I spoke much as I ate. I ended up getting my tofu pan seared instead of fried because our waitress was kind enough to warn me that the deep fryer was also used to fry meats. We ended our meal with some birthday sorbet. My husband chose a dessert without chocolate so my so could partake. He is NOT a chocolate lover.

birthday sorbet

Fresh local berries and sorbet, a perfect ending to a great meal.

My son was feeling left out because before we left for dinner Stephanie had this birthday cupcake delivered to our room, which my son didn’t get to try.

birthday cupcake

My husbands birthday was a huge success. I am so glad I used the hotel concierge to make all of the arrangements, it made things so much easier on me. Instead of worrying where we were going to eat I got to enjoy more of this.

Pool Coronado Island

And this.

Beach Coronado Island

  • Elizabeth @ The Waspy Redhead

    Looks like a beautiful vacation spot!  I could use some sun and sand right now.

    For a moment I was traumatized by what I thought was the price for your seared tofu – then I decided it must be for something on the left side of the menu.  I know California has a higher cost of living, but $50 bucks for tofu nearly made me fall out of my chair.  

    • The funny thing is they had the tofu steak listed with the steaks. It wasn’t $50.00 but it was priced as much as the other steaks. Pricey but I was on vacation.

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