Day 27 100% raw: Dealing with emotions

This 30 day 100% raw challenge has been an eye opening experience for me. As you know from my last post I’m not 100% raw anymore, I’m more like 90% raw. But percentages don’t really matter to me; the important thing is I’m eating more living foods. I’m also going through a period where I’m re-evaluating a lot of my life.  I need to make some important changes in my commitments. Sometimes I find myself overextended and as a result have little time for myself. I know I need to cut out the things in my life that have little or no reward and are emotionally draining. All of this is not easy to deal with, because it involves making some tough choices.  I found that every time I thought about these things I just wanted to suppress my emotions to avoid dealing with them. So instead of dealing with the issues I started to eat a lot of pretzels.

PretzelsPhoto by Hypnotic Aubergine

When raw foods make up a high percentage of your diet and whole foods make up the rest, what you eat will not numb you. You have no choice but to deal with your emotions. Cooked processed foods, especially carbohydrates, will make us feel numb if we eat too much of them. These foods suppress our emotions temporarily. I knew that I needed to start dealing with my emotions and stop trying to hide from them.  I decided to do the 30-day raw food challenge mainly because of this.

I was doing really well in the beginning and I felt like I could stay 100% raw forever with ease. Then something happened. I was busy with work and I started to skip a few meals here and there and eventually added some cooked foods back in to make up the calories.  Instead of eating pretzels to avoid dealing with my emotions I was staying really busy and not eating enough to avoid dealing with them. I just replaced one bad habit with another. This all really started making sense to me after I watched this video that Penni from Raw Food Rehab made. I realized I needed to change my thinking and not worry so much about what I was eating.

My diet is pretty clean, if I deal more with what I’m feeling on the inside and not worry so much about staying raw I will be much better off. Thankfully I don’t eat pretzels, or any other wheat product anymore. My plan to deal with my emotions and difficult issues is simple.


I plan to write in my journal more to help organize my thoughts. I will also talk to close friends and family more about what I’m going through. Talking to someone always makes me feel better. Emotions can be really difficult to deal with, but it’s better to try dealing with them than it is to suppress them.