Delicious raw dinner after a long week

It has been a long week, my husband was traveling and my son and I had a little too much togetherness. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday, I love my weekday routine and I desperately need some peace and quiet. I’m sure my son is looking forward to going back to school as well. This week was so tough and I was really happy when my son finally went to bed tonight, but that didn’t stop me from looking at his baby pictures for 1/2 an hour as he snored away. As difficult as he is sometimes I do miss the little guy when he isn’t around and he was a really cute baby.

I love that big smile!

Despite all the craziness I had some pretty amazing meals this week. Last night I wanted something different so I visited Ani Phyo’s website and came across some amazing recipes.  I immediately knew what I was going to have for dinner; Rosemary and oregano noodle salad and arame and sugar snap pea salad. It was almost like going to a restaurant and ordering two appetizers, which I love to do BTW. It’s the best way to eat, the portions are just right and you get to try two different dishes.

raw vegan noodles

I made a few modifications to the noodle salad. I left out the rosemary and oregano since I didn’t have any and I used a whole zucchini instead of 1/2 of one. It came out amazing. This was the first time I ever sprinkled hemp seeds on a dish. I always make shakes with my hemp seeds, I must say I like them even more on a savory dish.

seaweed salad

The seaweed salad was really good as well. I didn’t have arame so I used hijiki instead. I love seaweed and often eat dulse right out of the package, but I found the hijiki to be a bit too fishy tasting. I rinsed it really well and it mellowed a bit. When I mixed the rest of the ingredients together the flavor softened a lot and I liked the end result. I paired this duo with a salad and had an awesome meal. I love Ani’s recipes she is my favorite raw food chef. Her recipes taste great and are so easy to make. I really need to get her new cookbook.