bars and manna bread

Eating healthy while traveling

Last week I was in NYC visiting with family and meeting my beautiful niece for the first time. It was so nice to catch up with all my siblings and watch 5 out of the 7 cousins play together. It was heaven. When I travel I don’t even have to think about staying raw anymore it just comes naturally at this point. I just pack a few travel essentials just to be prepared in case we experience a delay. Here are a few of my favorite things to take along.

Seasonal fruit

Seasonal fruit is at the top of my list. Being on an airplane is very dehydrating so eating water rich snacks is very important. Also before you even set foot on the plane drink as much water as you can. I aim for at least 5 cups, in addition to what I already drank that day.

bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery and an extra reusable bag

It never fails whenever my son and I are at the airport together we always end up buying a little something extra so it’s nice to have a reusable bag. If we don’t use it for our purchases we end up using it on the airplane for sure. The contents of my son’s backpack always seem to increase while we are in the air and he can’t always get his things to fit back in. This is when I just shove everything into my extra bag and get on with our trip. I love bamboo cutlery, this set has everything you could possibly need. Chopsticks make any meal more fun.

bars and manna bread


Raw bars are great to have on hand if there is an unexpected delay and you need a quick snack. I recently had the opportunity to sample some really delicious ones made by The Bearded Brothers that I’ll be reviewing soon.  Manna bread is also a great snack to travel with, it’s not raw but it’s made with sprouted grains and is naturally sweetened. It tastes amazing with a little raw almond butter. Look for it in the freezer section. Just cut a few frozen slices and pack them into your bag, they will defrost by the time you are ready to eat them. The raisins are for my son he loves to snack on them when we fly.

Nut butters

Individual nut butters

These little packets are so great take along, my son loves to eat apples and peanut butter as often as he can. On the airplane it can be a bit of a challenge to cut the apple with the bamboo knife, but it’s part of the fun. I like projects that take a long time, it makes the trip go by faster.



It’s pretty easy to find a salad at most airports so I only bring one with me if I’m not carrying a lot. If you prefer to bring your own just stop by Whole Foods or any grocery store with a salad bar and grab one. It is fine to take it on the airplane as long as you don’t have any containers of dressing in there. If I’m leaving from home or a place that has a kitchen I’ll usually dress the tomatoes, cucumbers and other sturdy vegetables in extra dressing and keep them in a small container and pack dry greens in a plastic bag. You’d be surprised how much you can fit in those bags once you take the air out. Once I’m on the airplane I’ll just add the dry greens to the dressed part of my salad. This is a great way to get a dressed salad without worrying about your liquids getting taken away. Also if you add oranges or pineapples to your salad they will add a great flavor and you won’t need any extra dressing.

Powdered greens

I love greens and the thought of not drinking anything green scares me. OK maybe that’s a bit dramatic. I take some emergency green powders and protein powder with me just in case. I have to admit I am not a fan of protein powder, I have been traveling with that one pouch for several months. Before I leave for a trip I always load up on green juice and I research to find places that sell it once I get to my destination. If for some reason I can’t make a green juice before I travel, I just find a Jamba Juice at the airport and get a shot of wheat grass and a carrot juice. There is always a way to get those greens in no matter where you are.

Good attitude

This is the most important one. If we have a negative attitude we will attract nothing but negativity. Although I love to travel I can be a nervous traveler at times. I make sure to load soothing music on my phone or a take a book that will calm me down and give me a positive outlook. We have all been in situations where everything seems to be going wrong. If our attitude is good we will be able to find a good solution and move past it.

These are just a few things I pack for myself, I pack a bunch of other snacks for my son because a snacking child is a happy child. The next trip I have to look forward to is skiing for spring break. Although I’ve been complaining non stop about the cold weather we have been experiencing in San Antonio, I can’t wait to go skiing and play in the snow with my son. For some reason when I’m on vacation the cold doesn’t bother me that much. Goodnight and stay warm.

  • Some excellent travel tips here! I thought I was super-organised when travelling, but you’ve got it down to a fine art my dear, I’m mightily impressed. Particularly love that you use bamboo cutlery and enjoy the fact it might take you the entire flight to cut an apple. Bless. My in-flight vegan meal from UK to Ca was absolutely vile… so glad I packed loads of fruit and chopped veggies!

    • Thanks Leigh, airplane food is the worst.

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