Eating (mostly) raw at Legoland

LegolandMy son is obsessed with Legos and has an extensive collection so naturally visiting Legoland is a top priority at my house. We have been there four times and each year it gets more and more exciting for us. I am not a theme park lover especially large ones like Disneyland; they seem so noisy and crowded. Everything Legoland is not, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. That and the Legos of course.


Lego NYC, nice touch showing 1 WTC under construction

Start Wars Sandcrawler

We were so happy to see that Star Wars Miniland included so many new things this year, like this Sandcrawler.

Darth Maul is a new addition as well. I couldn’t get my husband to pose with us.

Opee Sea Killer

The coolest new edition was this Opee Sea Killer.

I am always amazed at the details the designers put in the scenes they create, so impressive. The other reason I love Legoland so much is that it is so easy for me to eat high raw there, without bringing my own food. I love when that happens.

Fun town

Fun Town Market, the place to go for a relaxing healthy meal.

Fun town Market View

Outside seating area at Fun Town, plenty of shady seating.

Fun Town Market is the best pace to eat in the park; I really like that there is a wide variety of food there. As a family with mixed diets it is so nice to go to one place and all be able to find something to eat. I always go to the salad bar, my husband likes to get either a stir fry or a burger and my son usually gets a double kids meal. Something for everyone. They have improved the salad bar every year and keep adding more vegan options. There is nothing worse than going to a salad bar and half the food is covered in mayonnaise. Such a turn off.


The final product, that’s tofu sprinkled on top.


First I loaded my plate with greens. I like to pile it as high as I can, the other ingredients will weigh it down.

salad bar

Next I added other vegetables.

salad bar

Yum, potatoes dressed in a light vinaigrette. I didn’t need any additional dressing on my salad.

high raw vegan salad

Here is what my meal looked like.

It was very satisfying but not too filling. It’s no fun feeling too full after lunch especially if you are planning on going on rides.


OK I guess it’s fine to be full if you’re on a slow ride like this.

Back to my salad. I ended up adding the sunflower seeds and the raisins to a bag of pumpkin seeds I had with me. We all snacked on my mix later in the afternoon when we got hungry. My son ate the mandarin orange slices and most of my bread. He’s a growing boy.

driving school

Lego Driving School (View from Fun Town Market)

It was very pleasant eating outside and watching the kids at the Driving School get their Lego driver’s license. I was a bit sad when my son said that he didn’t want to get another one. Oh well, I’ll get over it I guess. All in all we had a really fun trip. Getting a great salad was a huge bonus. By the way they are building a hotel at the park that will be open next summer, you can check out their progress here.