Veggie stir fry

Eating well during a kitchen remodel

For the past few weeks I have been deep in a kitchen remodel. Here is what my kitchen looked like before we started.

Old kitchen

I had a tile countertop on my island that was impossible to clean, open shelving that always got spilled on and tile back splash that I despised. The floor tile may look cool in this picture, but trust me it was impossible to clean and had to go. I’m annoyed that it somehow looks good in this shot. In real life it always looked dirty no matter how much I cleaned it.


old range

Here it is my most hated appliance, my electric range. I am not going to miss you at all. I could never get the heat right on that thing. My husband loves to cook and I love that he loves to cook, this range is not for people who love to cook. Instead I am getting a dual fuel, gas on top and an electric oven. Above it is a microwave oven with a vent. It stinks. The smoke alarm has gone off to many times, so I am getting a proper ventilation hood.

If you have ever gone through a remodel you know how dusty, noisy and inconvient they can be. Here is what my kitchen looked like during the messy process.

Kitchen remodel during

I am glad I took everything out of all of my cabinets because there is a layer of dust inside all of them. I have to admit it was kind of fun to eat out and not have to worry about cleaning the kitchen for a while. But then it got old and I wanted my kitchen to be done.

single burner

That is when I went out and bought one of these guys. I was able to make stir fries, like this delicious one I made yesterday. Notice my new countertop.

Veggie stir fry

I sauteed shredded brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, kale and brown rice together in a bit of chili paste and vegetable stock. It was great.

Stir fry

I made everything in batches since my burner was so small and I used frozen brown rice to make things easier. I have never cooked brussels sprouts like that before, I usually roast them. This was a nice change of pace, I liked it so much I made whole pile again today.

Brussels sprouts

I will likely saute mushrooms and garlic and then mix it all together and serve it over tempeh for dinner tonight.

marinated tempeh

I have been eating this sesame garlic tempeh like it’s going out of style. I craved it before I got my little burner and now that I can make it, I am making it in huge batches. It tastes so amazing. Of course I have been eating a lot of salads, they are the easiest thing to eat when you can’t cook.


Pre washed arugula with some frozen veggies I cooked in the microwave, topped with a tahini lemon dressing. I paired this meal with black beanĀ  soup .

Black bean lime soupIt was very good for a quick healthy meal.

Salad out of the box

This is a typical “fast food” lunch for me. More arugula with a side of ready made hummus and flax crackers.

Now we are almost done with the remodel. I am just waiting for my range to get here and my tile back splash to be installed and we will be done. I have enjoyed the process very much. Some days everything seemed to be going wrong and some days everything was easy. It has tested my patience at times. I am looking forward to seeing it all come together. I hope all my color selections go together.

The most important thing I learned is that with a little creativity you can eat well at home with no kitchen. If you make it a priority to take care of your body and feed it well nothing will get in the way of that. Not even a dirty remodel.