Where's Waldo

Finding Waldo in Bronxville

Where's Waldo

While my son and I were in Bronxville earlier this week we looked for Waldo along with hundreds of other children. A local bookstore called Womrath Books sponsored the contest in Bronxville NY and twenty local businesses participated in hiding Waldo in their shops for the kids to find.

Where's Waldo

Once Waldo is found the kids are given a small card with the shops name on it so they can keep track of where they found him. My son and I had a blast finding him.


Sometimes he was easy to find.

Where's Waldo

Other times he was pretty well hidden.

This contest was such a great idea for local businesses; I went into shops I would not have ordinarily visited. Made impulse buys and mental notes of shops to visit next time I’m in Bronxville.

Where's Waldo sticker

Participating stores had this sticker in their window

It was exciting when we passed by a shop with a sticker in the window, we went inside and the hunt for Waldo began. Once 8 Waldo’s were found the first 100 kids got this button.

Where's Waldo Button

If you found 16-20, you got the button and were entered into a drawing for other prizes. One thing I really loved about Bronxville was all the locally owned small shops. I love to support small local businesses, especially bookstores. It’s been twenty-five years since Where’s Waldo was first published, this contest was started to celebrate this historic event. It was a fun way to celebrate a timeless book and spend the day walking with my son.