Foam rolling

Foam rolling at Airrosti

I was recently reminded of the importance of foam rolling. Again. Christine, my Team In Training coach, told me and my fellow teammates to foam roll to prevent injury while training for the Cap Tex Tri last year.  When I complained of knee pain she reminded me again.

I have been a slacker with my foam roller. I use it once in a while and it always hurts when I use it, so I stop.

On Monday I went to a blogger lunch at Airrosti about back pain prevention and we learned how to properly foam roll.

Foam rolling

The trainers demonstrated how to foam roll and walked around to make sure we were doing it right.


We each had our own mat and did  40 minutes of  stability exercises followed by foam rolling. We bent down to touch our toes before and after the exercises.  I was much looser and could bend farther afterward. The next day I could feel that my core and my legs got a pretty good workout. I realized then that I needed to do this regularly.

The exercises are really simple and can be done anywhere very easily.

Follow this link to get started maintaining a healthy low back.

The only way I can build this into my life and make it a habit is to keep my foam roller and a yoga mat nearby at all times.

I have had so many injuries slow me down this year that it is worth a try.