Free-da's run

Free-da’s Run


Free-da's run

I just completed a fun 5K a few weeks ago. First of all the shirts we got were really great. I love getting tech shirts as opposed to cotton ones when I’m running a race. I can never wear the cotton ones because they are always too big. They just sit in a pile in a drawer until the pile gets too big then I just give them away to Goodwill. Not this race shirt though.

A portion of the run benefited the art program at University of the Incarnate Word.

I really liked how we were given our chips early so that we could put them on our running shoes ahead of time, one less thing to have to worry about on the day of the race. Let’s face it I wanted to sleep until the last minute so the less I had to do the better. Since I registered early for the race I got to personalize my bib. I decided to put my Twitter name on it.

race bib

I will be keeping this for sure, I love it.

Free-da’s run is a new race, things went pretty smoothly considering it was new. The race took place on the campus of the University of the Incarnate Word. Most of the run was in the woods and in the shade otherwise it would have been unbearable in the Texas heat. When we ran in the sun it was more difficult, I slowed down considerably during those parts of the race. I would have liked to see the water station a bit earlier than I did, perhaps they will move them next year.

As I ran the race I had no idea how much more I had to go or how much I had already ran. I really needed to bring my iPhone with me and track my run with one of my running apps. I felt a bit lost running this race since I didn’t know how well I was doing until I could see the finish line in the distance. At that point my adrenaline kicked in and of course I gave it my all. My pace was slower than I would like it to be, but that is to be expected since I did walk part of it.


Before the race I tried Gu for the first time. Not bad, but I prefer Vega.

The unique thing about this race is that there were lots of runners dressed as Frida Kahlo, prizes were given out for the best costume. It was amusing to see runners with drawn in unibrows and dresses running along side people in shorts.

Free-da's runThanks to my running mentor Brian Sharp for the next 3 pictures

Free-da's runThat is what made the race really unique and fun. I will run it again next year for sure.

crossing the finish lineThe time shown above was the gun time, my chip time was 36:04

That is the nice thing about using the chips, they give you an accurate race time. I showed up a bit late to the race and so I started way after the gun went off, the chip starts keeping track of your time when you actually start the race, not when the race begins. The next race I am running will be La Loteria, I hear the shirts will be really awesome.

  • Manar

    love this run! My boys yelled “frida Kahlo” when the saw the eyebrows on the shirt! I would love to run this race with you!

    • You would have loved it, so much fun. Plus they had delicious breakfast tacos for us after the race.

  • Tara

    Very cool!

    •  It was, going it again next year for sure

  • Morena

    I love all the Frida costumes! What a fun race!

    •  Aren’t they great, it was such a unique race.