Lisa on the porch

A Garage remodel and the B&B

old garage

Glad to see you go old horrible garage! We have been planning this project for years and finally it’s happening. We demolished an old structure that was about to collapse and are putting up a new one that will actually be functional. I’m happy it’s progressing, but at the same time it has been stressful. We had to move out of our house for a few weeks because our water, power and gas had to be turned off while they demolished the old garage.  We stayed with family at first and then settled into a local bed and breakfast in an old historical neighborhood. It was fun staying in a different neighborhood. We walked to different restaurants, I got to walk my son to school and my dog got to smell new smells on her walks. It almost felt like a staycation because we didn’t leave San Antonio.

Lisa sniffing

We were lucky to have a small kitchen so that was the first thing I set up. I stocked the refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies and snacks for my son and husband. I made sure to take my blender along. I wanted to bring my juicer, but there wasn’t room. I had 2 green smoothies a day instead of  green juice and a green smoothie. I had a giant smoothie for lunch and then made a smaller one that I drank as I walked to pick up my son from school. It was a nice change.

small kitchen

I didn’t eat breakfast with the rest of the guests Instead I made my own simple delicious breakfasts. I prefer to have fruit in the morning and the fruit they offered wasn’t ripe and was in the form of a fruit salad. I’m a mono fruit type of girl so I had quiet breakfasts on the porch with my dog every morning. It was very nice and relaxing and I didn’t have to smell bacon.


This was one of my favorite morning meals, papaya with fresh lime juice squeezed over the top.

raw vegan berry chia seed pudding

I also enjoyed this mixed berry chia seed pudding. The sweet fruit smoothie mixed with soaked chia seeds was a great combination. One I will be repeating many times.

dogs saying hi

My angel Lisa loved meeting Connor the resident Golden who was much older and fluffier than her. I was so happy my husband found us a dog friendly place to say and so was Lisa.

porch swing

My son and I spend our afternoons swinging on the porch and playing with Lisa. It’s hot in San Antonio in August, but this porch always had a nice breeze.

Lisa on the porch

We really enjoyed our time at the B&B and in a way we were sad to leave.

  • What did you end up turning the old garage into? We’re planning on just using a carport but we haven’t decided what to do with the garage space.

    • We built a new garage and a small bathroom