Getting back into exercise



For the past six weeks I have been working out at the YMCA doing a program called Blast Into Summer. Three days a week I workout with a small group of people and a trainer. He has us jumping rope, lifting weights, doing lunges, doing squats, running. Lunges, did I mention lunges. We do many many lunges, too many if you ask me. Some days I complain, but I secretly like it. Some days I feel really strong and other days I just want to go to bed after the workout. It has been such a great thing for me. My workout routine, or lack there of, really needed this. I have also been slowly getting back into running.

In April I completed a 5K with MBS Fitness that was all hills. Seriously, check it out here. The biggest reason for me to push myself to exercise more is to help with my depression. I do notice a big change in how I feel when I get a lot of physical activity in. I still do my Kundalini yoga and that is great for helping me stay in the moment but it isn’t very physical.

What Billy, our trainer has us doing at the YMCA certainly is.



See this alley, this is where the magic happens and it is proof that you can get in a great workout anywhere.

The alley is where we do our warm up lunges, leg swings and squats. He also likes to set up circuits for us, they are always challenging. Sometimes we throw a medicine ball in the air and then catch it while we squat. That hurts after a while. We usually do each exercise for two long minutes. Try holding plank for two minutes and you’ll see what I mean.


 For this circuit we lifted our choice of weights, they were all heavy. Trust me.



These are killer, we step up while holding weights in our hands.


See this rope. It’s really heavy and we have to turn it like we are turning a jump rope except it’s way heavier. This makes me want to cry.

The exercises are difficult but what I really like about circuit training is that you can focus only on what you are doing at that moment. You do it the best you can and pretend it is the only thing you have to do. It kind of is, at least for that moment any way. Then you move on to the next and repeat. Once you are done you feel strong and amazing. I enjoy the camaraderie and the accountability of a group class. It is really easy for me to not go to the gym, but if I have a scheduled class I will plan my day around it. I have been really enjoying that aspect of it the most.

Last week was my last training session with Billy and my fellow Blast into Summer pals and I will miss them now that it’s over. So that is why I have joined another group and for the past two weeks my workouts have overlapped a bit. I am also training with the Fleet Feet crew and doing the No Boundaries running program.

No boundaries shirt

For the past two weeks my Saturday mornings have gone like this. Run at 7AM go back home and drink a Vega shake and hydrate, head to the YMCA and strength train for an hour. It’s been crazy and fun. I will miss my double workouts on Saturday, but since the distance we run has been increasing each week it will be  kind of nice to just do one workout on Saturday. It has been a challenge to fuel in between workouts and have found Vega products to be a huge help.


I put this in my water after my workouts.

Vega OneOn Saturdays I make a shake with the Vega One.

I usually blend the Vega One with almond milk, banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds and peaches. It tastes great and digests quickly so I don’t feel full during my second workout. This has been a life saver. I also like the Recovery Accelerator after my run. After I am done with my workouts for the morning I make sure I hydrate well all day and eat a healthy meal that has protein in it. This is when it’s crucial to have food that is ready to eat when you get home if not you may be tempted to eat whatever junk is around.

If you want to exercise more but don’t know how to start consider joining a group class, if you need some motivation you will get it for sure. Working out in a group setting is nice because everybody is at a different place. You will have people in class who are more fit than you that you can look to for inspiration and you will have those that are not fit and need your encouragement. I am hooked on the classes at the YMCA and I can’t wait for the next one.


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  • Josie

    Hi I just found you from twitter. I just joined a training program Alamo180 for the same reasons! Its so easy to skip workouts when you are a mom. I might be totally out of my mind but I am hoping to run the 1/2 marathon in Nov. 

    •  So glad you found me! Hope you enjoy running in your first half marathon.

  • You are officially awesome! I am a chicken when the summer heat hits. Just looking at that makes me want to pass out! But I do love the YMCA San Antonio. Incredible people, really. 

  • Misha it is such a great place to work out, I love that it is so clean.

  •  It is a lot of fun, much easier to run with a group.

  • Oh Neven! Billy is a killer, I hope you do join the Y and that somehow our schedules can overlap. I really enjoy his Monday morning class and I have been going back and forth about coming to a Fleet Feet run myself. We really need to hang out at some point, instead of just meeting in passing 🙂 Great post

    •  I agree about hanging out Stacy. Billy is the best, he cracks me up.

  • Monica Benavidez

    You ought to be very proud of your active lifestyle. That is amazing! I wish I still lived in San Antonio. In this small town, I basically have to motivate myself. However, reading your post made me realize that I can do it, too. I shall be working out in half an hour! 🙂

    •  Good for you Monica!

  • Jessica Sliman

    Neven, this is really inspiring! We recently bought a house and are kind of limited in our budget. One of the things we cut out is babysitting.

    Since I go to a really great gym – with a great childcare center – I now use that as my babysitting service. I get two hours a day to workout, shower, swim and my girls have a blast playing with the caretakers and other kids. It gives me the free time I desire and I get into shape – win/win!

    •  Sounds perfect Jessica good for you1

  • I was just talking about getting back into a routine with my hubby. We were looking at a club near the house. The membership isn’t too bad, this must be a sign! Thanks again.

    •  Great! Once you get back into a routine working out is fun.

  • Neven, you are such an inspiration! I really, really need a regular exercise routine. I’ve never stuck to one. And, like you mentioned, it’s too easy to skip the gym unless you have a set commitment there. I’m intimidated by circuit training (I’d be the most out-of-shape, slowest person there FOR SURE), but your post made me think I might (MIGHT) be able to try it. Thanks!

    •  Thanks Colleen so sweet of you to say. The great thing about this class was the group size was small so our trainer showed us how to modify the exercises.

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