Goodies from the garden

Garden fresh vegetables

Behold the bounty from my son’s garden. We have so much fresh produce that it’s almost difficult to eat it all. I never thought I’d be saying that, but it’s true. Let me break it down for you.

red potatoes

We harvested potatoes today for the first time, which was very exciting. We have never grown potatoes before so it was fun to feel around in the dirt for them and dig them up.

Pole beans

This was also our first harvest from the pole beans, last week they were just flowers.  Since this garden is part of the Children’s Vegetable Garden Program at out local Botanical Gardens we only have access to it on Saturdays. It’s always a surprise how much grows in that week. Sometimes things get a little too big.

giant cucumber

Like this giant cucumber for example.


And sometimes things get eaten. Yes this happens in every garden, but it gets worse if you can’t take the bugs off everyday. It seems that the cabbage loopers and the harlequin bugs really enjoyed our cabbage before we had a chance to.

harlequin bug

Here is a harlequin bug in action, they are really beautiful bugs. We had a really bad infestation in almost everyone’s garden plot. My son and I didn’t kill any bugs, we just relocated them. This method didn’t work that well, so we ended up sharing our food.


We ended up with a pretty nice head of cabbage in the end.

squash blossoms

Aren’t these squash blossoms breathtaking. We have such an abundance of squash I decided to pick these blossoms and eat them raw in a salad. I love how fresh they taste.

summer squash

I just love the color of these beauties.


We picked our first bunch of basil today. They look so beautiful with the squash blossoms, they would make a great centerpiece on any table. This definitely calls for some zucchini noodles dressed in pesto later on this week, that would make a great lunch.


Last but not least, we picked some cherry tomatoes today. We had to pick them at this stage otherwise they would be too ripe next Saturday. I just put them in a brown paper bag, they will be ready in a few days. So there you have it, the goodies from our garden. We spend most of the day outside on Saturdays and my son any I enjoy being in the fresh air. But by the time we come home I’m ready for a tall cool drink.

Green Juice

There is nothing like a green juice after being outside all day. It’s the perfect refresher. Have a great weekend.

  • Manar

    so beautiful! I love looking at fresh food and teaching your kids to garden is really valuable and fun. They end up having a true respect for the land and for the food they eat.