Happy New Year and Christmas recap

The Canyons, Utah

Happy New Year friends, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We went skiing in Utah for Christmas and it was perfect. It went much better then the last time I went skiing, which was also my first time skiing. This time I was a lot more relaxed so I was able to enjoy myself more. The weather was great, it was in the 30’s and sunny during the day so it felt more like spring skiing. When we left the temperatures dropped significantly, down to 9 degrees during the day. We got out just in time.

Hotel room

We skied The Canyons and stayed at The Sundial, our hotel room was really cute. It had this nice little sitting area, it was great to relax on the couch and drink wine after my son went to bed.

Last time we went skiing I stayed close to 100% raw. I had breakfast in our condo every morning so I had more control over what I ate. This trip breakfast was included in the price of our room so we went out.


Here is what a typical breakfast looked like for me. I had steel cut oats with maple syrup and fruit.

Followed by some spinach and more fruit. I got the spinach from the omelet bar, I was so happy to find it. I couldn’t have my daily green juice so it was nice to at least some greens every morning. This breakfast gave me energy to ski all morning and kept me full until lunch. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. We were only there for 4 days and I knew I’d get back to my usual diet soon.

Carver Ski School

After we ate my son headed to ski school. Here he is all dressed and ready to go.


Even though he has lived in Texas all his life he LOVES skiing. After we dropped him off I went to my lesson and we all met up later to ski a few runs together. My son is a much better skier than I am, hopefully I’ll catch up by the next trip. My husband in an expert skier, so I won’t be catching up to him anytime soon. Even though we are all at different levels it was nice that we could all ski together.

The Canyons

It is such a pretty ski area, hopefully we will be back soon. It was great to be in the snow for Christmas, especially because it was fun to see Santa on the slopes.

You have noticed my blog looks different, I’m working on updating the layout. It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll be done soon. Have a great day.