Happy Vegan Pizza Day

Walnut cilantro pesto

onions and mushrooms

The toppings

Vegan pizza

The final product

vegan pizza day

The gluten free pizza dough turned out to be great. It takes longer to cook than regular pizza dough, but it’s worth it. I didn’t get it as thin as I wanted to because it tears easily, with practice I’ll get better results. The dough would be great made into bread sticks or focaccia. I’m going to try that with some left over dough.

The pizza tasted delicious the flavors were simple but really worked well together. For the base I added tomato sauce then onion and mushrooms. After it cooked I added the raw vegan walnut pesto. I’ll post the recipe soon, right now it’s time to relax. Happy vegan pizza day everybody.

  • this looks great. i tend to overdo it with pizza, i keep putting more and more on, and it gets unruly. also, i’m still a slave to putting “cheese” (not really cheese) and red sauce on a pizza. i’m still trying to replicate pizza’s from my former life. i think i need to just think out of the box, and make something like this.. well for vegan pizza day, i did think out of the box,.. i made sushi 🙂

    • Neven

      That’s right you were a rebel that day. As a former cheese addict I find vegan pizza tastes best without the vegan cheese. In about 10 years when the memory of eating cheese is gone that stuff may start to taste like cheese to me.

    • Yes, you were a rebel that day for sure. Vegan pizza doesn’t taste the same as omni pizza. I never thought I’d be able to eat pizza without cheese, but I really don’t miss it on pizza.

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