A house full of stuffy noses

There is a lot of sneezing and coughing going on at my house. I’m finally all better and now my son and husband have caught something that I’m hoping not to catch. Netti pot and green juice to the rescue. I like to use my Netti pot this time of year as preventative medicine.  My son will use one if I plead with him, sometimes it’s just too much work. A month ago during my son’s well visit his pediatrician gave me the NeilMed Sinus Rinse to try.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse

I disliked it as soon as I saw the packaging and was skeptical that my son would use it. I know it sounds silly to dislike something because of the packaging, but it was just too loud and wordy. When we got home my son wanted to try it. I was truly shocked. He ended up loving it. I guess the water from the Netti pot comes out too quickly for him and the pure sodium chloride irritates his nose. He always told me that his nose felt funny every time he used the Netti pot, but he LOVES the NeilMed.

The bottle is upright and he likes being able to squeeze it himself, it gives him control over the flow of water. It comes with a box of premixed packets of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. I’m really glad he found something that he likes to use that will rinse out his sinuses naturally.  I immediately purchased another bottle to take with me when we travel especially for ski trips. There is nothing worse that being on vacation and scrambling to find saline solution in the middle of the night. This way I’ll be prepared. I can’t believe it’s already cold and flu season summer went by too fast.