If Your Knee Hurts Stop

A few weeks ago I ran in the Loteria 5K. If you missed it this year I highly recommend running it next year. It was pouring rain outside the entire time. It was my first time running in the rain and it made me feel like a kid. The rain was almost refreshing it certainly was a nice break from the heat we experienced all summer.

As I ran the race I felt a pain in my knee, I ignored it but it didn’t go away. Near the end of the race it was pretty intense. My mind told me I could do it, so I pushed through. That was two weeks ago and I have not run since. Perhaps ignoring my knee pain was not the smartest thing I could have done. Ignoring pain never is and I know that. I don’t know why I felt the need to push on and finish despite the pain.

The next day I bought some KT Tape.

I’ve been wrapping my knee in KT tape, icing it and taking anti inflammatories. It’s not fun, I miss running.

I’ve also been craving junk food. Injuries always make me want to eat sweets.

But I have not just been sitting on the couch eating cookies and chocolate almond cups, although some days I’d like to. I have been strength training twice a week, doing yoga and of course walking my dog.

This basket has been keeping me on track

It contains several different types of bands and a jump rope. I won’t use the jump rope until my knee is better, but I can use the bands right now. I keep this basket right in my family room next to the couch. It blends in with the room and it is easily accessible. While I ‘m watching a movie with the family I can grab a band and get to work.

It’s even big enough to store a yoga mat and my foam roller.

I am using this time to explore other low impact exercises that I can do while I wait for my knee to heal. The biggest lesson I can take away form this experience is that your body and mind need to work together. When your body sends your mind  a signal that something is not right it’s wise to listen. I ignored my body and now I have to slow down. It was wrong to just push through the pain. Mind over body is not smart. Mind and body moving as one is. Lesson learned.