I’m Convinced

I’m totally copying my Instagram friend Kalli, who got this idea from Kelly. I enjoyed reading the things they were convinced of so much, I had to make my own list.

I’m convinced that:

  • my current dog Lisa loves labs and hates cats because my previous dog Zeke was a lab who hated cats.

  • every woman needs a special spot that is close to home that they can visit when they want to get away from everybody for a while.

  • even though I rode a bike all the time as a kid, I don’t know how to ride one as an adult. I crashed really badly when I was 9 and have not been on a bike since, I wonder if there is a place that will give adults lessons…

  • I love skiing so much because I live in a warm place where it doesn’t snow. When I lived in NY and NJ I never had the urge to ski.

  • I run better when I’m running with a group. I’m very competitive when it comes to sports and I like to feel like I am racing against whomever is in front of me.
  • drinking coffee in the morning makes me more tired in the afternoon, but I still drink it sometimes because I like the taste.
  • my son leaves Lego pieces on the floor because he thinks it’s funny when I step on them.
  • when people say they are too busy to exercise they are making an excuse and they just aren’t ready to take care of themselves yet.
  • if I am happy and in a good mood my son will be too.

What are you convinced of?


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  • Manar

    I am convinced that I love this post! I know that I should start thinking I am beautiful now because when I look back at old pictures, i am always amazed at how nice I actually looked in spite of how I FELT that i looked at the time. I am convinced that the early morning is the best time of the day, my first sip of coffee is the best and only absolutely delicious wine and dessert are worth enjoying. Don’t even waste your time on a second bite of so-so dessert 🙂

  •  I feel the same way about the East Coast for sure 🙂

  • oh i love this!  and i agree about the skiing…..when i lived in the snow i got so sick of snow and skiing and now that i am at the beach i am having mountain withdrawals! and want to ski!  love your dog too-so cute!

    •  Thanks, she would love your dog.