It’s food poisoning

Summer is coming to a halt for us this week since my son goes back to school on Wednesday. Most of my day will be spent doing laundry, making lists and dragging my son to the store for last minute shopping. We just got back from a family vacation in Albuquerque and I’ll be posting all about it very soon.

Right now it’s a bit tough for me to look at the pictures. Our trip started out fun and exciting until I got food poisoning. The thought of looking at any of my hundreds of food pictures turns my stomach right now. I am not exactly sure of the source of my food poisoning since we ate at three different restaurants that day, but just to be safe I’m not blogging about any of the places I ate that day. If you have ever been sick in a hotel room you can to relate to my experience. It’s not fun vomiting in a hotel room; I’ll spare you the details because they are gross. Let’s just say that I ruined two beautiful wastebaskets. At first I though that it was reflux. I was in bed and all of a sudden I felt really full, like I had just eaten. I grabbed my iPhone and Googled ‘reflux symptoms.’  A little while later it became clear to me that it wasn’t reflux and things went downhill from there.

I felt so horrible that I had my husband take me to the ER. At least we knew our way around the city and it was easy to find. Thankfully it wasn’t crowded and I was seen right away. It was nice to get some medicine to stop me from vomiting and an IV for hydration. My husband told my son to grab his Nintendo and my iPad just in case we were there for a while. Wise choice, it kept my son occupied because we were there for a long time. We were able to leave as soon as I could keep some ice chips down. This was much harder that it sounds because I was shivering.

We got back to our hotel room just as the sun was coming up. I spent most of the next day in bed trying to hydrate. We were supposed to drive up to Santa Fe but changed our plans after my little incident. My husband and son spent the day visiting friends and swimming. The day was a blur, they would check on me periodically and leave water bottles near my bed. I was sad that I missed most of the trip but thankful that I felt well enough to fly home.

It’s been a few days since my little episode and I am still not really into eating anything. Right now eggs, green chile and fish are defiantly off the list. They don’t taste as good coming back up.

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  • oh no! sorry to hear that also! glad you are on the mend!

  • Laura Aplin

    I’m so sorry to hear about that. I had family visit me for their vacation and they got food poisoning at a restaurant. It blew their whole trip experience and I felt so horrible because they were here to visit us family. I am glad you are feeling better and at least you have beautiful scenery to look back at (minus the food shots). 🙁

    •  Thanks Laura, it’s tough when it happens on vacation.