It’s not what you think

I was walking my dog Lisa in the neighborhood and I said hello to a woman who was walking toward us.

She just ignored me and looked down.

I thought she was so rude! Everyone in my neighborhood is so friendly, we always greet each other as we pass. At the very least with a wave and a smile.

As we got closer to each other she focused on my dog and said that she missed her golden retriever who recently died and that my dog had the same mannerisms he had.

I immediately felt horrible for thinking she was rude when clearly she was grieving.

She was so sad she lost her dog, but so happy, in a not so obvious way, to see Lisa.

We ended up having such nice conversations about how special goldens are. The entire time we talked she was watching Lisa sniff and move.

Then Lisa raised her paw to hold her hand. A classic golden move. I thought she was going to cry.

She was such a sweet person and not at all the person I judged her to be.


I’m sure it never crossed Lisa’s mind to judge her.

And that’s why goldens are the best.

  • Tiffany Go

    Neven, I am new to your blog but this article has guaranteed I’ll stay for more. I love your honest writing! I just lost my dog, Sarge, last summer. He was with me for 13 short years and I miss him every day. I’m also quick to judge people in an attempt to protect my own heart…but that isn’t necessary most of the time. I found your page from the San Antonio Mom Blogs site, and just started a blog myself this month. I’ve lost 80 lbs so far and am re-learning how to eat healthy foods, which is why your blog in particular caught my eye. Keep up the excellent work, I very much look forward to reading and sharing!

    • Sorry about the loss of your dog, it’s never easy. Congratulations on your incredible weight loss. Thank you for your nice comment I’m glad you stopped by!