Juicing, a look back


I started juicing in the early 90’s, my first juicer was a Juiceman Junior and it came with this book. I don’t have the juicer anymore, but I’ve kept the book all these years. It’s fitting that this is the only first edition book I own. When I first started juicing it wasn’t easy to get organic fruits and vegetables like it is now. My friend Marissa and I would travel to a farm about 30 minutes away to stock up on our organic produce. I was living in NJ about 30 miles from NYC at the time and I still had a hard time finding organic produce.

Carrots and apples

My favorites juices were carrot parsley and carrot green apple, most of my juices were carrot based. I also juiced cantaloupes with the skin if I could find organic ones. If I felt a cold coming on I always drank carrot parsley garlic juice and went straight to bed. I juiced regularly and got my father into juicing as well. Once he tasted how good fresh juices were he was hooked. In 1994 my juicer and I moved to New Mexico to go to Architecture school so my father got his own. As I got busier with school I juiced less, I just fell out of the habit and didn’t get back into it again until about 5 years later.

Omega Juicer

I needed a new juicer so I bought this Omega Juicer. I didn’t love it from day one. It was a centrifugal juicer like my Juiceman except the pulp stayed inside the juicer so it didn’t extract as much juice as it could have.  I didn’t use it on a regular basis because it was such a pain to clean. I eventually stopped juicing for a few years and didn’t go back to it on a regular basis until I started eating a high raw diet. I realized it was time for a new juicer, I loved fresh juices I just didn’t love my juicer.

Champion Juicer

I decided to go with a Champion Juicer, the juicer I’m still using now. The pulp comes out pretty dry and the juice is smooth. Now I juice every morning because my juicer isn’t a chore to clean. It’s important to find a juicer that fits your lifestyle, if it’s too complicated to use chances are you won’t use it everyday.

My juice has changed over the years too, I mainly drink green juices now. I do include carrots in my juice once in a while but only if I’m making a vegetable juice. Juicing has been a part of my life for a long time.  I love to make juice for people who don’t have a juicer and have never had freshly pressed juice, they always love it.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to share my morning juice with my husband’s friend and he loved it. I was pleasantly surprised when he texted me later to ask me what type of juicer I had. It made my day. I wish everyone would try a glass of green juice at least once, that way they would experience the delicious flavor and energy boost first hand. My San Antonio friends are always welcome to stop by for a glass. Cheers!

Green Juice

  • Ali arshad


    Sounds like a solid juicer. There’s so much type around this juicer but
    people don’t realize there are higher quality juicers for about the same
    price. I like breville bje200xl juice extractor better but it is nice
    juicer and a good way to get interested in juicing. 

  • i may be coming there in march, so i hope you meant that 😉

    • Neven

      March eh? I think I’m busy that month… Kidding of course.

    • You will love fall in love with green juices!

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  • Awesome!

  • For a second I thought that was Jack Lalane. RIP.

    I like the idea of juicing but could never get into the habit, except of course to BUY it somewhere. 🙁

    Cleaning, shopping, etc. I was too lazy. Maybe I’m ready now.

    • It takes less time then you think to make a juice in the morning, the key is to do before you talk yourself out of it. Buying it once in a while isn’t bad.