Lazy summer days and a camping trip

I love summertime, it means spending more time with my family and moving at a slower pace. Let’s face it we could all benefit from moving a bit slower. Most of us are so busy multitasking and trying to get a million things done that by the end of the day we are left feeling drained and exhausted. Summer is a great time to recharge and reevaluate our lives and cut out the things that cause us stress. I have been spending less time on my computer and my iPhone and more time playing with my son and reading books and it has made a huge difference in my mood. I feel much happier. I still love my iPhone, but I have learned to schedule time to be on it rather than just always look at it. My husband and son have been happy with this change.

So far this summer has been full of fun. We went camping in June during the Great American Backyard Campout.


I’d like to say I planned this but our trip just happened to fall on the same weekend. I have never been camping so I went with experts. I had no gear and idea what I was doing, but my brother and my sister-in law hooked me up and showed me the ropes. We were a big group, most of my siblings and their spouses were there with their kids. It was so much fun. Just look at this beautiful scenery, how can you not relax here.

Phoenicia NY

The water was endless entertainment for the kids. They gathered rocks, skipped stones and hiked in it.

Dump truck

The kids never once said that they were bored, they created all the games they played themselves. With Mother Nature as your playground it’s easy to have fun.


I must admit we did we did have a bumpy start. When we first got to the campsite it was pouring. I drove up with my sister, my brother-in law and their kids. We were a bit discouraged but we set up camp and managed to have a good time despite the rain. Our first night the rain continued. All. Night. Long. The sound of thunder freaked my son out. I had a moment where I thought to myself that camping in the rain was a mistake. When we woke up the rain slowed down considerably and later stopped completely. We made breakfast in our kitchen in the morning and as I sipped my tea I decided that camping was fun.


It was so great to have a screened in kitchen and a propane stove to cook on. We did of course cook on an open fire as well. I had an endless supply of salads and fruit to eat. I found it a little challenging to eat sometimes. I supplemented my salads with nuts, potatoes and protein shakes. I planned to make beans and more adventurous fare, but I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be to wash dishes so I passed.

Baked potatoes and wine

We went into Woodstock for the afternoon and that is where I loaded up on a huge lunch.

Woodstock NY

I didn’t photograph my lunch because I ate it so fast but it was black beans, eggs, potatoes and fruit. My plate was huge and I was full. Mission accomplished.


When we got back it was time to collect worms, at least for my son it was. During our whole time camping I never knew what time it was and I was so relaxed. At first I was freaked out by the fact that there was no cell phone reception, but in the end I found it freeing. We had such a great time we have decided to make it an annual trip. None of my siblings live in Texas so it’s nice when we can meet and get the kids together for a weekend of fun. I hope you are all having a great summer as well.