LEGO KidsFest Tips

The LEGO KidsFest is a very exciting event for both parents and children, I attended the KidsFest in Austin in May and had a great time. The last stop for the year is in Pittsburg , below are some tips to help you make the most of your experience.

LEGO bricks at the LEGO Kid's Fest

  •  When you first walk in don’t be alarmed if your child is overwhelmed. My son has been to LEGOLAND many, many  times and was still overwhelmed. I did not expect this. I wanted him to be more overtly excited but instead he was quiet. Every child processes things in their own way. Some get overwhelmed and need to make sense of it all first like my son; whereas others can jump right in. Be patient and go at your child’s pace, you will have a chance to see everything.
  • If your child is even remotely interested in meeting a Master Builder sign them up for the Workshop with a Master Builder when you first get there before all the times get filled up. My son told me he did not want to go despite his obsession with becoming a Master Builder and LEGO in general. I signed him up anyway while he went to the Ninjago area with my husband. He had a great time at the workshop, got to pose for a picture with a Master Builder and even asked him a question.

Master Builder at LEGO KidsFest

 Chris, the youngest Master Builder

  • Feed your child. Make sure you take a break for lunch to avoid melt downs. If your child does not like to admit they are hungry and gets angry with you when you mention sitting down and eating feed them anyway. You can tell them that you are hungry or that you want to look at the map and cross off all the areas you visited. If that doesn’t work tell them you want to sit down and have a drink. Most kids don’t get as mad at the thought of having a drink. I bribed mine with a sports drink. I figured if I could just get him to the table he would be more pleasant after a meal. It worked. Also after you eat, go to the bathroom. They will tell you they don’t have to go but take them anyway. A game I play with my son is “guess how many seconds of urine “.  As he urinates he counts how many seconds it takes to empty his bladder and I guess (I always guess low) It then becomes a contest and he forgets that he didn’t have to go.
  • Enjoy yourself like a child. Go at their pace and don’t look at the clock. Let them lead the way and immerse yourself in the fun. If you happen to miss a few stations but your child still loved it; it’s a huge win. As parents we are so accustomed to looking at the clock and it is really what prevents us from being in the moment and having fun. Let go and play.

LEGO Art Gallery

Why not create something for the LEGO Art Gallery with your child?

  • The LEGO gift shop can cause fights. Make an agreement with your child about whether or not you are going to buy anything from the shop ahead of time and visit it on your way  out. All our problems occur at those gift shops. We can be going along having a perfectly lovely time and them bam, the gift shop ruins it all and my son is calling me the meanest mother ever. Don’t let that happen to you. If your child already knows they will not be able to buy anything or that they have a spending limit they will less likely be disappointed.
  • Take breaks if your child is overwhelmed. Don’t feel like you are missing out if your child needs a break. There was a lovely Reading Rest Stop at the KidsFest in Austin that was filled with books. It’s a great way to just have a quiet moment with your child before moving to the next activity.

Reading Rest Stop

 DK Reading Rest Stop

  • Don’t forget to get your commemorative LEGO piece on the way out. At the Austin Kids Fest we had to use a special entrance to get it, ask before you leave.

My family and I had such a great time at the LEGo KidsFest and look forward to going next year. Here are a few of my favorite sculptures and play areas.

Hulk at the LEGO KidsFest




Lightning McQueen LEGO KidsFest

Lightning McQueen

buzz and woody

Buzz and Woody

Ninjago LEGO KidsFest

Kai and my little guy

LEGO Creation Nation

Creation Nation

Monochromatic Building Area

Monochromatic Building Area