Lift Weights and Get Strong

I decided not to sign up for the No Boundaries program this time around. I thought about signing up and just walking until my knee felt better, but I don’t trust myself. I know I’ll run on it before I’m ready and injure it even more. Instead I’ll keep up with my strength training and core exercises.

Today when I was working out at the YMCA with my group I ran into Billy. You know the guy from before that makes me do all those lunges and hold plank forever. He told me about a new class that he is teaching starting next Saturday that will focus on injury prevention and strength training. Talk about finding what you need right when you need it.

Billy is a very knowledgeable trainer and he makes working out so much fun. I know I will get stronger and laugh a lot working out with him. I’m really looking forward to his class.

I’ve also been re reading my Chi Running book and listening to the CD in the car. Looking back on it my running form has been a bit sloppy. It’s time for me to take a step back and work on fixing my form. Sometimes we are forced to stop what we are doing and take things in a new direction. Usually the new direction is better than we thought. Getting too comfortable with your exercise routine isn’t good anyway. I loved my old schedule but I was getting too comfortable. Now it’s time to shake things up. If you are in San Antonio and want to take Billy’s class you can still sign up just give the YMCA a call.

Before I go, check out this roasted vegetable and bean salad I made for dinner on Sunday. I’ll post a recipe as soon as I perfect the dressing, because as you know it’s all about the dressing.

Have a great day.

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