Mental clarity and yoga

Yesterday was an amazing day! I decided to go to Kundalini yoga instead of my usual Bikram yoga class, and it was a great choice. There was a time when I did Kundalini yoga regularly, but I stopped about six months ago as my schedule changed. Both styles are so different from each other yet each has something very valuable to offer.

yogaPhoto by tiarescott

Bikram yoga is done in a heated room, the heat keeps your body flexible as you move through the  26 postures. The postures help to move fresh oxygenated blood to all parts of your body. As expected in a hot room, you will sweat a lot and your body will release toxins. It is an intense workout and I always feel amazing afterward even if I struggle during the class. It is my favorite way to workout. But on some days I need to just take it easy and relax especially when I feel a little bit stressed.

After surviving a long weekend and a few sick days where my son stayed home from school last week, I needed to feel calm again, so I headed to my favorite Kundalini yoga studio. I felt my tight body begin to relax as I took a deep breath and spread out my yoga mat. The room is a very relaxing shade of lavender and there are pillows and blankets everywhere. Relaxed atmosphere aside, it is still exercise.  In Kundalini yoga we do a series of postures called Kriyas that are coordinated with our breath. There is a reason they call Kundalini yoga “the yoga of awareness” after a class I feel like I’ve just done a long meditation, I’m more focused and aware. I don’t have that negative mental chatter, I’m able to relax and enjoy mental clarity. It’s such a great feeling and a great compliment to the raw food lifestyle I highly recommend it.

Photo by fabola

I feel like Bikram yoga keeps me strong and fit and Kundulini yoga helps me keep my mental clarity. They are both an important part of my life. I’m happy to be doing both styles at the same time.