Changing Bike Tire

MTB clinic for women in Park City

Last week I had my first ever mountain biking clinic and so far I love it. The Mountain Biking for Women Clinic is taught through Park City MARC. The small class meets four times over two weeks and is taught by Jessica Moran, who I met for the first time last year during one of the Moms On Bikes rides (MOB). Jessica is patient and knowledgeable about mountain biking. She has a relaxed teaching style that mixes skateboarding metaphors, hands-on-examples and loads of encouragement.

Yesterday our class met at White Pine Touring, my favorite bike shop in Park City, to learn how to change a flat.

Changing Bike Tire

Riley using a tire lever to remove the back tire.

I liked that we learned how to change a flat on our back tire. Until yesterday I had no idea how to remove my back tire and was scared to touch my derailleur.

Changing Bike Tire

Taking the back tire off.

Watching Riley do this multiple times and playing with the derailleur made me feel better about doing this myself. If you ride a bike it’s important to know how to perform simple repairs.

MTB Class

My class watching Riley’s demo, that’s Jessica in purple.

Taking this class also has helped me learn the trails in Park City. There are so many of them and it can be difficult for a beginner to know where to ride.

The nice thing about taking a class like this is I learned what trails to ride for my level to improve my biking skills. Mountain biking here is very different than it is in San Antonio.

The hills we ride to get to the trails are no joke, most of the time I’m panting like crazy by the time I reach the top. The terrain is also very different. The┬áswitchbacks are more difficult, downhill is more intense and a lot steeper and the trails are generally more technical. I also learned when someone says “beginner trail” to realize beginner to them is not always beginner to this out-of-towner.

This class have given me more confidence and has made me feel like a rock star on my bike (most of the time).

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