Mushroom Scallion Rice

I love rice, it was one of the first things I learned to cook as a kid. I remember my mother teaching me exactly how to make it, it’s one of the few memories I have of her. I couldn’t have been much more than 8 years old at the time; I remember feeling really proud of myself that it turned out well. Growing up in a traditional Egyptian household we ate a lot of rice. These days I mostly eat short grain brown rice instead of the white rice I grew up on. When I have leftover rice I like to add some mushrooms and scallions to it; it wakes up the flavor of the rice without turning into a full on fried rice.
Mushroom Scallion Rice |

This is not one of those recipes that you have to follow exactly. I vary what mushrooms I use and sometimes I use yellow onions instead of scallions. Either way it still tastes great.

Mushroom Scallion Rice

Serves 2

4 Scallions

10-ish Mushrooms (1 Cup diced mushrooms)

1 Teaspoon Coconut oil

1/2 Cup cooked rice

Mushroom Scallion Rice | |

Dice the mushrooms and slice the scallions.

Mushroom Scallion Rice. | |

I like to use some of the green parts of the scallion.

Add the coconut oil to a hot pan and saute the mushrooms. Cook until they begin to smell like cooked mushrooms and get a little bit browned.

Cooked mushrooms

Next add the scallions and a bit of salt, I cooked mine until they didn’t smell too sharp. I like them to be soft and wilted so it took a few minutes. Just cook yours until they look and smell good to you.

 Mushroom Scallion Rice. | |

Add the cooked rice, reheat and adjust the seasoning. This is the type of recipe that you can’t mess up. If you are uncomfortable cooking without knowing the exact amounts and cooking times, this is a good recipe for you to try. It will help you rely on your senses to know when things are ready. It’s great practice for a more complicated recipe. Once you are confident in the kitchen, you can make anything.

Mushroom Scallion Rice |

This recipe serves two as a side dish. It tastes great with beans, fish, tempeh or more veggies.


  • Wow, amazing recipe! I’m converting my lousy diet to a healthy one, and I’m building a digital recipe book for it. Usually I try recipes out before adding, but this is already on the list! Thanks for sharing!

    •  I hope you like it. Glad to hear you are improving your diet.