Mushrooms and green juice

It’s no secret that I love mushrooms, they are one of my favorite foods. Last week at the farmers market I picked up some really beautiful ones.

Oyster mushrooms

Just look at that gorgeous bunch of mushrooms. These were so delicious roasted in the oven with a little olive oil.

Cooked oyster mushrooms

The crispy bits were especially tasty. The pièce de résistance was the truffle sea salt I sprinkled on before serving them. So simple yet so delicious.

I am a huge sea salt fan. Whenever a friend is traveling somewhere exciting I always ask them to bring me back sea salt. I have a pretty extensive collection, each salt has its purpose. This particular salt accentuated the mushrooms earthy flavor. It took the dish to a more sophisticated level the way only truffles can.

Texas mushrooms

More farmers market mushrooms

Buying local mushrooms makes a huge difference, these mushrooms stayed firm and slime free all week. Plus it’s so much fun to talk to the farmer who grew them and get some new recipes. This week also involved lots of juicing.

Broccoli plants

Two weeks ago we pulled out our broccoli plants and put them in the compost bin because it was getting too warm. I took mine home because I knew the stem and the leaves would be great in a green juice.

broccoli stem

The stem was a little bit tough so I trimmed it up and peeled it before I juiced it.

Veggies for green juice

All of these vegetables came from my son’s garden, I’m so proud to juice them. I started off with my usual base of cucumbers and celery. To that I added the broccoli stem, one broccoli leaf, kale and a green apple.

Green juice

It was delicious. The broccoli leaf gave it a nice kick, it’s nice to juice different greens. I’m so glad I took home my broccoli plant. I’ll post a garden update soon. In the meantime if you want an easy kale salad recipe check out my latest post on mySA.


  • nancy

    This juice sounds delicious!

  • The Waspy Redhead

    I also love mushrooms. One of my favorite veggies, both raw & cooked!

    • Neven

      You are so sweet to take time out of your Paris trip to post a comment. Hope you are having a fabulous time.

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