My first #NASATweetup

I know I haven’t updated this blog in a long, long time. Rather then catch you up to speed I’ll just write about what is happening now. I am at my first NASA Tweetup and I’m having an amazing time. I’m so honored to have been chosen and It’s hard to put my feelings into words but I’ll try.


My day yesterday started with an early flight, a long car ride and then registration. I was so excited to get my tweetup badge.


We also got a nice gift bag filled with stickers and more information about the GRAIL mission.

GRAIL Goodies

After a brief rest I headed to the pre tweetup dinner where I got to meet some of the other participants. I tried to go to bed before midnight, but it was difficult because I was too excited. The next morning, AKA today, I woke up after a short rest and headed To Kennedy Space Center.

Today was absolutely amazing. I’m still a little overwhelmed and emotional over all that I saw and got to experience. I feel so grateful to NASA for giving me this opportunity. Our group, as many other tweetup groups before us, was fortunate enough to tour buildings that the general public is not allowed to see. We listened to some of the most moving speakers and then we get to see a rocket launch tomorrow. It doesn’t get any better than that.


The most amazing part of my day was touring the Vehicle Assembly Building, Since we were 150 people, we were split into 4 groups and rode 4 separate buses and therefore got 4 separate tours. This was great because we all got an intimate tour and felt like we could take our time and linger. I knew we were going to see Endeavour because I had read the other groups tweets. Many people wrote about how they got very emotional seeing Endeavour. I didn’t think that I would, but I was wrong.


As I turned the corner I could feel its presence even before I saw it and it gave me chills. It was like it was alive and I could feel its spirit. Its soul. I was such an amazing awe inspiring feeling, one of many I had today.


Next we headed to the GRAIL launch site. We stood on the back of this truck so that we could get an unobstructed view, NASA thinks of everything.

GRAIL Launch Site

Here is an up close and personal view of the launch site.

I’m exhausted and I have to wake up at 3:30AM tomorrow so I’ll keep this short. One of the most amazing parts of this experience was listening to speakers I could relate to. Jim Adams (@NASAJim) and Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) made this whole experience more enjoyable because I understood them when they spoke. They make science and space exploration approachable and they get me even more excited about it. They didn’t speak in NASA-ease and I felt their energy and got their message. They made listening to the talks more fun. If you would like to watch the broadcast head over here. I’m off to bed so good night. If you want to read my first post about the NASATweetup head here.