National Night Out Day

Today is National Night Out Day and we went out. Our local fire station had crafts for the kids, lots of snacks, goodie bags and even a clown that talked to the kids about safety.


My son enjoyed looking at a real firetruck up close.

I took home a child identification kit, it’s small enough to keep in my bag and the police officer suggested I keep it with me at all times. I’m supposed to fingerprint my son, take a blood sample and a recent picture and put everything in this kit just in case we get separated.  I’m not supposed to actually stick him to get a blood sample, that would be mean. Little kids are always getting scrapes and losing teeth. I just need to wait for him to bleed then rush over to my kit and get a blood sample, after I comfort him of course. These are the unpleasant realities of life that no mother wants to think about.

Child ID kit

It’s important to be prepared, so I will use the kit. My son got a goodie bag filled with tips on when to call 911, what to do if there is a fire etc.

I wouldn’t say we had a fun night. It was kind of like a trip to the doctor necessary, but not fun. It got me thinking about the harsh realities of life. Bad things can happen at anytime, the trick is to be prepared.