New Whole Foods in San Antonio

Today I took a tour of San Antonio’s newest Whole Foods Market located in the Vineyard Shopping center on Blanco. The store is beautiful and inviting, the layout is very different from the Whole Foods we have at the Quarry Market. Although the store is similar in square footage this new one is easier to navigate, has a much larger prepared food section and feels bigger.

The interior is bright and cheery

Dried fruits and vegetables.

The produce and the cooking section, formally known as the bulk section, are located right next to each other. So you have the fresh and the dried plants together where they belong; making it even easier to eat a plant strong diet.

I love the way they re-purposed that sheet pan to label the cooking section.

Wide selection of raw sprouted foods

I am a fan of eating sprouted foods and I know some of you are too because the most popular recipe on this blog is my raw sprouted lentil recipe. Sprouted foods are often expensive when they are sold prepackaged, but buying them in bulk makes them much more affordable.

The store is opening on Tuesday September 18, so the aisles are already stocked

I must admit these made me *almost* think about having another baby.

Since the store is not opening for another four days there was no produce, meat, seafood or any other type of perishable food in the store yet. They are waiting to stock these items so that they will be fresh for the grand opening.

Speaking of seafood, that won’t be stocked until the day before the store opens.

This sign made me smile.

My son is a stickler when it comes to the express lanes. He always counts the items in our cart and will call me out if I have one more item than I am supposed to have.  This sign will help silence his protests.

Another feature that sets this store apart is this touchscreen. It is similar to the Whole Foods App, which I love, but has even more features.

Search for recipes right from the store.

You can search for recipes based on what is on sale, dietary restrictions and a host of other criteria.

It will print out a shopping list for you based on the recipe you choose.

The recipe even has a breakdown of the nutritional information.

This means you can go to the store and have no idea what you are going to make for dinner and walk out of the store with a recipe and all the groceries you need. Genius. You can also get your kids in on the fun. Your child can choose their own recipes, print out their own shopping lists and look for the ingredients while you all shop. When you get home you can all prepare the meal together, this is especially great for those picky eaters. When children are involved in making food they are more likely to eat it. You can tell them to chose a main dish and a vegetable dish this way they get a well rounded meal. I know I’ll be using this touchscreen every time I visit the new Whole Foods.

The store also has an extensive prepared food section as I mentioned before. This make your own sandwich, taco and burrito station will be a popular spot once the store opens.

Make your own tacos, burritos and sandwiches.

 I’m a huge fan of the “make your own.” Anytime I can make my own anything without really having to make it, I’m happy. Besides a sandwich always tastes better when someone else makes it for you.

On to the next stop, the coffee and beverage bar.

Coffee, tea and juices

The coffee and beverage bar is located right near the entrance and will open at 7AM, an hour before the rest of the store opens. So this means you can get a coffee or a green juice right before work. The store also has a manual espresso machine that is really rare, only two were made. Pretty impressive.

Speaking of bars, there’s a bar right in the store.

This is a peak inside Bar Blanco

Bar Blanco, the new bar inside Whole Foods, will serve local wines and beers on tap. They will also have a bar menu so you can eat while you enjoy your favorite beverage. Trust me you will be hungry since Bar Blanco is nestled near the bakery and the cheese section.

Other exciting things include this tortilla machine.

You will be able to get freshly made tortillas


Bulk spices and sea salts.

More things to get excited about:

  • The patio, which will have misters and be dog friendly. Keep an eye out for yappy hours.
  • The seafood department will shell and steam your shrimp while you shop at no extra cost.
  • The bakery will have gluten free, sugar free and body smart selections. By the way the sugar free items are made with natural ingredients like apple sauce since there are no artificial flavors in the store.

Be sure to come to the opening on Tuesday September 18, the bread breaking ceremony starts at 7:30 AM



  • Nancy

    Sounds like an amazing store. Wish ours was like that! Great review, Neven!