Please don't pass the steak

Photo taken by EssjayNZ

There was a time in my life that I loved red meat, I craved it and really enjoyed eating it. My husband knew how to cook it really well, and we enjoyed it a few times a week. Then, when I heard that the FDA approved cloned meat in January of last year I lost my appetite for it.

Even though it was not going to be in our stores for years, I still couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I knew I had to stop eating it now, before it hit the stores.

My husband thought it was silly of me to stop eating it, especially because I enjoyed it so much. I knew it didn’t make much sense, but I knew I wanted to stop eating it anyway. Let’s face it most of us have at least one food that we will not eat, unless of course you are Anthony Bourdain.

Amazingly, it was very easy for me to stop eating red meat. After a few weeks of not eating it I didn’t like the smell of it anymore. It was very strange there was a time when I loved that smell, now it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

I have not eaten it since and I don’t miss it. But this was just the start of a series of many drastic changes in my diet. I didn’t realize it at the time,but this was the start of my transition to a raw food diet.