As much a I love my raw foods, sometimes I really need to eat potatoes. Last week I had a few of those “potato days”, I even had baked potatoes twice in one day. I’ll admit that was a first for me. The combination of the cold weather and rain made potatoes seem like the perfect food to eat again and again.

When I buy potatoes I always get organic because they are always on the dirty dozen list. I still love sweet potatoes, but sometimes it’s all about the white potato. My favorite way to eat them is baked and topped with a little sea salt, coconut oil and steamed broccoli. It’s perfect. A few days ago I decided to add a veggie burger and some tomatoes on top and created this little dish.

I know it’s a lot of carbs, but the heart wants what it wants. It tasted really good paired with a nice large salad, which I didn’t photograph because it’s all about the potato today. I don’t eat veggie burgers very often, but they are nice to have around to eat once in a while when I want a quick dinner.

This is my favorite brand, I love the Bombay flavor the best but no stores around me carry it anymore. The Italian is my second favorite. This week I’m over the potato and have moved on to another love. Kale.