Random meals

I’ve had a slow start to Vegan MoFo, hopefully I’ll pick up steam as the month goes on. I’m eating vegan this whole month, which is not a huge departure from my regular diet. I eat vegan most of the time anyway.  I had a few days in the beginning of the month where I wasn’t sure what to eat so I ended up making a lot of tofu dishes.


I had a lot of leftover tofu last week, so I added it to my salads almost everyday. So now I’m really sick of tofu, but there is much more to vegan eating that stuffing my face with tofu. Thankfully I’ve expanded my repertoire to include more food.

Green smoothie

My mornings always start with a green juice or a green smoothie. On the days I run/walk with my dog I usually drink a smoothie because it’s more filling.


Hummus on ezekiel bread topped with veggies, one of my favorite snacks.

rice and veg

Brown rice/quinoa mix with tons of broccoli and mushrooms.

This is my go to cooked dinner when I have a lot of leftover vegetables. It goes great with a large salad or a raw soup.

rice and veg

Brown rice, peas, tofu topped with raw zucchini noodles.

Pretty soon our farmers market will be loaded with lettuce, kale and collard greens. Fall through spring is the best time to eat raw in San Antonio because the fresh produce just tastes so good with little effort. This time of year always inspires me to create new recipes, hopefully I’ll share some soon. Have a great day, I’m heading back outside it’s to nice to be indoors.