Saturday gardening: weeks 8-10

My son’s garden continues to flourish, every week I’m amazed at how much it grows. Remember how it started out?

Garden week 8

That week the broccoli plants were big and healthy.


The potatoes were flowering, the garden was looking good. Everything except for the carrots, that is. The irrigation system wasn’t watering the carrots enough so they didn’t grow in our section. Some of the other gardeners, who had luck with their carrots, gave us some of the plants they were thinning out to plant in our garden.

Carrot transplants

Carrots ready to be transplanted.


The carrots in their new home.

week 9

Week 9, the gardens looked great during Fiesta.


The broccoli plant is producing broccoli!

Zucchini blossoms

The highlight of week 9 was seeing these beautiful blossoms.

Lush garden

The garden was very lush that week.

Garden week 10

Week 10, it was even more lush.


It was so exciting to see this cucumber.


Just look at all these flowers, we hope to pick some cherry tomatoes by next Saturday.


The cabbage plant is starting to form a head of cabbage.

First harvest

These are all the vegetables we picked that day. It was so exciting to eat the broccoli on the same day we picked it. The Junior Gardener program has been a great experience, every Saturday we look forward to going. I’ll post more garden updates next week.