Grand Prix du Canada

Staying raw at the Canadian Grand Prix

Grand Prix du Canada
I was in Montreal this past weekend with some friends for the Canadian Grand Prix. I loved watching the F1 race, but let’s face it raw food is hard to come by at most sporting events. It was a three day event so on the first day I took a few apples, a banana, raisins and some cashews with me. It wasn’t enough food.  I was really hungry by the afternoon so my husband and I decided to walk around.

We came across this place called Liquid Nutrition. They sell fruit smoothies, nuts, pasta salads and meal replacement bars.

Liquid nutrition

I was so happy to see that all of their smoothies were made from frozen fruit and fruit juice. I ordered one immediately. It was very good, a little sweeter than I’m used to drinking, but I was thankful to be drinking it. It filled me up long enough to stay at the track for a few more hours to watch practice rounds.

fruit smoothie

By the time we got back to the hotel I felt like crashing. My husband asked me why I was so spacey. I wondered the very same thing, until I realized I hadn’t had any greens the whole day.  I told him I needed to go to Crudessence, a raw vegan restaurant in Montreal, immediately. I needed a green juice and some greens stat! I couldn’t get there fast enough. We were meeting some friends for dinner later that night, but I knew I needed to load up on greens before I went to dinner so that I could feel like myself again. I had been away from my juicer for a long time.

Before I got to Montreal I was in NY for 5 days visiting family.  I did manage to sneak in a visit to Pure Food and Wine,  but I was way past due for another green juice. By the time I arrived at Crudessence I was full of emotion. I was excited because I could finally have a green juice, I was also sad because I wanted to stay for dinner and finally I was feeling lucky to be there at all.

I ordered a delicious green juice. It was light, delicate and refreshing.  I sipped it slowly as I looked at the menu. I decided to order a salad as well. I knew I was going to have a large salad for dinner, but I needed to make up for the greens I didn’t eat at lunch. The salad I ordered was mainly sprouts on a small bed of greens. It was really delicious.

sprout salad

By the time I got to dinner, I felt balanced and happy again. I felt ready to socialize. I love fruit, but if I eat too much of it with any greens I tend to get spacey. The next morning I decided to have a salad for breakfast and just take my own food to the race track. We went to MBCo, a local boulangerie, for breakfast. I loved the ambiance there. They are super friendly, play great music and take great care in preparing the food the serve. We go there every time we are in Montreal.


They made me a delicious arugula salad loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled asparagus and mushrooms. It was delicious. I ordered the same one for lunch. They packed it really well and put the lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side for me so that my greens wouldn’t wilt.


When I was ready to eat my lunch I paired my salad with some delicious “craque-lin” crackers I got from Crudessence. It was such a great lunch. The crackers were really good; they are a mixture of ground flax seeds, sprouted sesame, sunflower and buckwheat. They also have a slight hint of onion, garlic and sea salt.

raw crackers
I’m so glad I took my own food with me I felt balanced and happy all day. Staying raw while traveling doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you plan ahead and research what is around you will be successful. If I can manage to eat high raw at the Canadian Grand Prix, you can do the same at any sporting event.