Strength training and clarified butter

Yesterday a friend of mine told me about another group class at the YMCA, you know how much I love group classes.  When I got home from my first class today I had so much energy and focus. I exercise regularly and my energy level is good on most days, but there was something different about today. There is something about strength training that I find empowering. I do feel strong after a run, but not in the same way that I do after I strength train. Maybe it’s because I am surprised by what I can do when I tell myself I can. Maybe it’s because we have an energetic personal trainer working with our group and she will not let us think that we cannot do these exercises. Doing push ups, burpees, holding plank for longer than I want to, doing lunges and countless other things I can’t remember really energized my body. I will say that while I ‘m doing these exercises I am not always as enthusiastic about it as I am now. But I am always glad I did them afterward.

The one thing I have to work on is making sure I have a nourishing meal after I workout. This was a giant problem for me last week. Last week I was too lazy to cook anything and had no motivation to clean my kitchen or shop for groceries. Then I realized why.

Messy, messy, messy

I ask you would you want to eat if your refrigerator looked like this? It was so packed with things I couldn’t identify, I was not excited to clean it but I did. I forced myself to clean it before I went shopping, that way I would have a fresh start. It’s hard to understand the extent of the mess from this picture, but believe me it was bad.

Now the interior is really clean the shelves are sparkling and all the food is fresh.

 Yes, we have a lot of eggs. I’ll be making french toast tomorrow morning for sure.

The side door needed the most organization. My husband hoards condiments and he refuses to throw them out no matter how old they are, it’s a big problem.

I was so excited with the results that I decided to make some clarified butter.

I made it because it has a higher smoke point than regular butter so we are able to sautee with it without it burning. Also clarifying butter removes almost all the lactose so I can use it when I cook even though I’m lactose intolerant. It’s really easy to make too.

All you have to do is heat the butter until it boils then lower it to the lowest setting on your stove and let it go for about an hour. I used three sticks of butter.

Afterward you will notice some brown bits at the bottom, get a bowl, strainer and cheese cloth ready.

You will need to strain the butter through the cheese cloth.

I lined a fine mesh strainer with the cheese cloth and then poured the butter through the strainer and into a large bowl.

Then I  transferred it into my jar. It’s really hot so be careful.

My husband has been loving it. I will make it regularly for sure.

So cleaning my refrigerator out had many lasting benefits as you can see. The biggest one is that I am inspired to cook again. I have also been much better about planning my after workout meals and that has made a world of difference. You really don’t want to be around me when I skip a meal.