Swimming and cooking

That is my dog at the Botanical Gardens during Dog days last Saturday, needless to say she had a blast. Twice a year they open their doors to dogs, it’s so cute to see the dogs take over the gardens.

It was so warm on Saturday that we were all in t-shirts but the past few days have been really cold so everyone is bundled up again. Our weather is so confusing. The cold weather has been making me crave warm cooked foods for dinner the past few nights. This works out well because I’m reviewing a cookbook next month so it’s been a nice opportunity to try out new recipes. I am participating in a Cookbook Club, along with several other food bloggers, that was started by Lindsay at Cook. Vegan. Lover. It will be very interesting to read all the different reviews of the same cookbook in February.


This month’s book is Veganomican, the ultimate vegan cookbook. As you guys know I’m not officially a vegan, I like to think of myself as a dairy free vegetarian. Perhaps no label is better, but I digress. Last night I made the lentils and rice with caramelized onions. This recipe spoke to me. Growing up in an Egyptian house I had lentils and rice with caramelized onions on many occasions. My mother always used the green lentils so this was the first time I had this recipe with the red lentils. The caramelized onions are the most important part of the dish, they really bring all the flavors together. Here is what my plate looked like.

Lentils, rice and kale salad

Paired with a kale salad it made a nice dinner, even the omnivores liked it.  I used red Himalayan rice just to mix things up a bit. I’ve been eating a lot of brown rice lately so this was a nice change.

kale salad

The kale salad was really delicious and satisfying. I eat a lot of kale in the winter because it is so abundant at the farmers market right now. It has been fun curling up at night with my cookbook and putting sticky notes on the recipes I want to try. It’s such a nice winter activity. Our weather in San Antonio is so unpredictable that I’m not sure if my next recipe will be a hot soup or a cold salad.

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  • that was the very first thing i made out of this cookbook. i’ve never made the onions that way before. i love the dish, but always feel like i need to “spice” it up more. its my obsession to overdo everything. maybe you noticed 🙂 love the pooch!

    • Neven

      I added some cholula hot sauce to it, It did need the spice.

  • I have that cookbook but don’t make enough from it, hoping to get inspired from you all!

    Your pup is so adorable.

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