Relaxing by the water

Taking time to be quiet

For the past three Saturdays my son has been taking a robotics class at a local community college. The school is pretty far from my house so going home after I drop him off is not an option. At first I was really annoyed by this, but it has turned out to be a blessing. I pack up food, a book, my journal and I settle in for the morning. I look forward to this quiet time every Saturday.

Normally when my son has a class I rush around trying to get things done or catch up with housework. By the time I have to pick him up I don’t feel my best. The truth is there is always going to be something that needs to be cleaned, put away or organized. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from feeling like we have to “do something” and just be. It’s nice to find pockets of time where we can just reconnect with ourselves and just be still. This is when the magic happens.

Relaxing by the water

The campus where my son takes his class is very beautiful and tranquil. I have found several spots that I enjoy spending my time.


Sitting next to water relaxes me immediately.


Natural beauty nourishes the soul.

By the time I have to pick up my son I am ready to be with him. I am ready to listen to him talk about Minecraft and Ninjago nonstop. Which trust me he does. I can really focus on what he is saying instead of wanting to pull my hair out as he gives me a walk through of Minecraft for the millionth time. Being a parent can be really stressful at times; these quiet Saturday mornings have really helped me to stay calm the rest of the day. In fact I’m so relaxed that I have to set my timer 10 minutes before I have to pick him up because I don’t keep track of time.


This class is the best thing that could have happened to both me and my son. He gets to do what he loves for two hours and come back to a relaxed mom. Which let’s face it is the best gift we can give tour children.

  • I love this posting. I’ve been really focused on finding “quiet” time – which can be difficult with two toddlers. I find that I need to look for it in unexpected places, like you did. I really love the first picture too — it’s beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    I misread the opening paragraph the first time, and thought you were taking a robotics class.  I was so surprised and delighted by your varied interests. It makes much more sense now that I’ve re read it. Glad you’re taking some time to be with yourself – it’s SO important!