Tamales, fake snow and a Tuna Christmas

¡Tamales! At Pearl

Saturday my family and I went to Pearl Brewery for the inaugural Tamales at Pearl. Tamales are very important to the people of San Antonio, so I wasn’t at all surprised to find that a huge crowd of people showed up. It was a beautiful day; sunny, cool and breezy. I love winter in San Antonio. While I was happy to be at the tamale fest and to be outside, I wondered if I would actually be able to eat any tamales. I knew that most of them would have meat and cheese fillings. Let’s face it San Antonio isn’t very vegan friendly. I started to feel discouraged until I came across this sign.

¡Tamales! At Pearl

I was so happy to find that Tejas Barbacoa had bean and jalapeno tamales. I got in line immediately, it wasn’t that long and besides standing in line is part of the tamale fun.

standing in line for tamales

They were so delicious, I ate 3 in one sitting. After that we walked along the river with our dog so she could get some more exercise. The Riverwalk is so beautiful especially during the holidays.


After we strolled for a while we headed into the Center for Architecture to make a gingerbread house.

My son making a gingerbread house

And here is the finished product, naturally there is a cup on the roof.

gingerbread house

Lisa feel asleep, there was just too much excitement for her. Whenever I bring her out she always gets so much attention. People are always coming up to her telling us how cute she is and asking to pet her. She loves the attention, but it wears her out a little. It’s not easy being the most beautiful dog in the world.

Lisa resting

Our next stop was back home to take a break and drop off our pup so we could head to the next venue, the Family Fun Holiday Festival.


The kids had a blast playing in the “snow” in their t-shirts. Sometimes it snows soap in San Antonio.

more snow

The nice thing about “soap snow” is that it’s not cold. However it’s tough to wipe off when you forgot to bring a towel. My son decided to shake it off like a dog and scrape it away with a stick. Little boys are so silly.

KONO 101.1

Next we headed to the KONO 101.1 booth where I won two tickets to A Tuna Christmas. I love winning things.

Finally we hit the craft table before heading home. It was fun spending the whole day outside near the river, but we were ready to go home and think about dinner.


All I wanted for dinner was a huge bowl of greens and a baked sweet potato. So delicious and satisfying. I enjoyed having a relaxing Saturday because the holidays are almost here and that stresses me slightly. We are going skiing pretty soon and I don’t feel like I’m ready to be in cold weather yet. I’m sure I’ll be fine if I layer up, but I just don’t like to be cold.

I may also take some time off of blogging pretty soon, maybe one more post before the New Year. I’m trying to spend less time on the computer and more time reading and goal setting. I feel like my mind and body need a computer rest. When we sit in front of the computer our posture is different and I feel like my body is a little stiff and I don’t like that feeling. I plan on taking more baths and continuing with the yoga to help relax my body. I may also take a Twitter break I haven’t decided exactly what I am going to do yet. Hope you all have a good week.