Things I thought about on my run

The weather is finally changing here in San Antonio and we were treated to a cool morning. I attempted to sleep in, but my son woke me up at 7:30 for no reason. Grrrr. I was very grumpy with him so naturally I ordered him around a bit. I realized how childish I was being so I went for a run instead. My favorite place to run in the city is Museum Reach, it is free of tourists, has great views and I can hit the farmers market afterward.

If you see steps take them.

Sometimes it’s fun to run alone.  I can stop and run up the stairs then continue on my way. I like to do that a lot it keeps the run more interesting.

Good morning pigeon, hope you are enjoying this cool weather.

These signs are really neat, they explain the art that is everywhere along the Riverwalk.

I know I stop a lot, but I like to take in the sights.

I enjoy running, but I’m not a hardcore runner. I run for six minutes, walk for one minute and keep repeating until I want to stop. Which is usually after 3 miles or so. I don’t listen to music while I run, I like to listen to the sounds of nature. I think about nothing, day dream about things and wave to other runners.

On this particular run I thought about sitting outside and sipping champagne at The Luxury.

When is this opening? I need to be here.

When it’s time to stop I walk for a few minutes back to my car drink some water that I stashed there then shop for produce.

I picked up a few of these babies today.

One thing I love about living in San Antonio is how friendly people are, particularly at the farmers markets. The women in front of me told me she sauteed these in butter for her non veggie loving husband and he loved them. I grabbed two immediately. My son needs a new vegetable in his life.

The best thing I saw today, besides the guy who was running sideways, was this bootcamp.

I wanted to join them, I must find out more about this. The guy who was leading it was loud and inspiring. I saw them a few times during my run.

One last thing before I go. You may have noticed this on my sidebar

I am teaming up with a group of fabulous ladies to help fight hunger. Please join us. Click on the Facebook page to find out how you can help. I’ll be posting more about it soon. Have a great Saturday.